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January Contest: Build a Train Station
Started by BlueBanana1406



Admin Builder Elite
16 Nov 2022
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29 Mar 2024

Build a Train Station! 

Let's get on track for a new year on isoVerse with our first creative contest: Build a train station! 

To enter the contest, build your submission on a normal 99x99 creative plot then type /contest submit at the entrance to your build. You can build your train station how you like as long as it's within the 99x99 size limit. Redstone is allowed to be used in your builds. 🚂

Up for a challenge?

At the end of most contests we will be holding a fun event, this month we plan to do hide and seek on some of the best builds! Hiding places will have to be accessible without breaking/placing blocks. Best hiding spot will win a reward! 🏆


💠 1st to the 25th of January - Contest is open to submissions.

💠 25th to the 29th - Voting is open and people can vote on their favourite build.

💠 31st of January - Winner will be announced. 


🥉 3rd place will receive 1000xp, $1000 survival money and 2x Epic crates of your choice.

🥈 2nd place will receive 2000xp, $2000 survival money and a legendary create of your choice.

🥇 1st place will receive a choice of: 

• A month of Pro • +1 Creative plot • 5 legendary crates of your choice • Access to the head database • Get your build moved to Survival for free (Not including chests or unreasonable items) or • $25,000 survival money.

And the Winning submission has a chance of being displayed on the hub. 

- Please note that the rewards will be given to the player who submits the contest. If multiple people have helped on the build it's up to the players to distribute the reward - 🏆

Extra information

If you would like to be apart of the media team and help run contests such as these, be sure to show your interest by filling out the submission page on our website! 

Happy building!! 🥳

BlueBanana1406 · about 1 year ago · Last edited: about 1 year ago