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March Update
18 days ago

🍀Feeling Lucky? Our new March Update just dropped!

Join us this month for some exciting activities around isoVerse

🇮🇪 New Hub

Check out our new St. Patrick's-themed  /hub  and find all 50 hidden rewards for a Legendary crate! Thanks to our Build team for designing it.

💎 King of the Ladder Minigame

Are you good at defending ladders and holding the high ground? Climb the ladder and defend against others trying to punch you off. This minigame is in the

March Contest: Build a PvP Base
18 days ago

⚔ March Contest: Build a PvP Base ⚔

This month we are asking you to build an aesthetically pleasing PvP base that will both be good in defense and offense! Your bases WILL be used for PVP so don't just go for aesthetics! You will need a perfect balance of good design and building, ability to defend against attacks, and taking down any enemies attacking you! Make sure your base is able to protect itself and give it the best shot it can at winning!

To enter the contest, build your submission on a normal 99x99 creative plot then type 

Valentine's Update
about 1 month ago

LOVE IS IN THE AIR! Our Valentine's Update just dropped! It is February, and there are some HUGE updates to isoVerse this month! 


We completely redesigned  /spells  to give you maximum fun! Spells like Fly and God apply to everyone online, and cooldown times are less.


There are brand new  /cosmetics  for you to collect: Pets, Trail Styles, Gadgets, Suits, Hats, Banners, Emotes,  Morphs, and Animated ...

February Contest: Build a Boat Race
about 1 month ago

🏁 February Contest - Build a Boat race! 🏁

This month we are asking you to build a race track for boats out of ice that we can race on at the end of the month! 🧊 

To enter the contest, build your submission on a normal 99x99 creative plot then type  /contest submit  at the entrance to your build. You can build your boat race how you like as long as it's within the 99x99 size limit. Redstone is allowed to be used in your builds. 

Up for a challenge?

At the end of most contests we will be holding a fun event, this month we will be testing out the race tracks in a fun event!


  • 1st to the 25th o...
January Contest: Winners
about 1 month ago

Contest Winners!

Well done to everyone who has taken part in this months contest, all the builds look great! But it's time to announce the winners. 

3rd place  - @MausDaKat (1000xp, $1000 survival money and 2x Epic crates of your choice) 

2nd place - @GrannySue (2000xp, $2000 survival money and a legendary create of your choice)

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