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What do you like about isoVerse? What do you want to see in the future? Let us know your thoughts and win a free LEGENDARY crate! Visit to participate.

⛵Boat & Tree House 🌳 Contest - June
less than a minute ago

DOUBLE CONTESTS are happening now!

For the month of June, you will have 2️⃣  contest opportunities. You can choose to participate in one, or both! The building starts now.


Be sure to claim your 🎉  **FREE PLOT**! NEW: All contest participants will get a free extra plot, permanently, to use for building the next contest entry or anything else they would like. Free plot will be given at the end of June to those that participated in one (or both) of our June contests. 


🌳Tree House Contest🏠

Build a home up in a tree. Whether you build a single room or a large base, make it creative and make sure it's in a tree! You can build the tree yourself, or generate a forest...

🎭May Contest: Build A Theatre🎭
about 1 month ago

🎭 Theatre Contest - May 🎭


For this month we would like to ask you to participate in our new building theatre contest. Build the best and the most detailed odium to put on a great show for the folks. Make sure everything is in top perfection! Make a show with anything you have! Whatever is in your inventory, make it a fun experience!

Cake Wars Tournament
about 1 month ago

🍰 isoVerse Cake Wars Tournament 🍰

Spread the joy and celebrate the event with the isoVerse community!

Join us 24 April 15:00 UTC


⚠️ Everyone who attends the party will receive an exclusive Banner. This is the only time you can unlock it /banner ⚠


Easter Party
about 1 month ago


Celebrate the spring season with the isoVerse community!

📆  Join us

April Contest: Build A Rollercoaster!
about 1 month ago

NEW CONTEST: Build a Roller Coaster 🎢

During the month of April, build a fun minecart track and go for a joy ride in your contest submission.

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