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Spaceship Contest - April 2024
3 days ago

Build a Spaceship as big or as small as you want, build a hanger for fighter aircraft to defend your ship in hostile territory. Get Creative. Build in your favourite style and impress the isoVerse Community with your talent.

April_Contest_2024_-_Spaceship.png?ex=662bc06f&is=66194b6f&hm=b90b5fded8d3a01e2ef2164bec26f0e8fb6323e3adb4fe482af27f70fea51236&Dates to Remember:

Floating Island Contest - February 2024
3 months ago

Contests are back, and we are starting the new year off with an exciting one. Start building now.


Floating Island Contest

Build yourself a Floating Island with a quaint house upon it.  Be in the chance of winning big this month - get creative. Show your amazing skills off to the entire isoVerse Community.

Dates to Remember:

Now: You can start building

February 1st: You can submit your entry using

November Contest
6 months ago

It's beginning to look a lot like...

In November, we are doing a single contest. You can start building now, and submit your entry starting November 1st. Start voting for your favourite entry on November 24th.


  🎄Christmas Tree Building Contest🎄 

Build a CHRISTMAS TREE and have the chance of it being displayed in the December Hub. You can hide presents inside, and fill the trunk of the tree with hidden features - get creative. Show off you skills to the entire community.


Ancient Temple Contest - October 2023
6 months ago

n October, we are doing a single contest. You can start building now, and submit your entry starting October 1st. Start voting for your favourite entries on October 24th.


 🛕 Ancient Temple Building Contest 🛕 

Construct a forest full of secrets. Build an ANCIENT TEMPLE and create hidden traps. You can spawn animals to bring your temple to life - get creative! Show off your ancient building to the entire Minecraft community, and become the ultimate temple architect in the virtual world.

Important Dates

NOW: You can ...

Halloween Update
6 months ago

Our Halloween Update is here... and it's a spooky one! 🎃 


Join us for a month of scary & haunted fun. Participate in our games, events, contests, and rewards to earn 🧧Legendary crates and 🎟️Drop Party Tickets

- New Reaper's Revenge minigame in the Hub. Test your skills dodging anvils and avoiding the falling TNT & Creepers. Collect potions and survive to earn rewards. Type /reaper to play.

- New Haunted Rewards which you can claim each day. If you miss a day, you won't lose your streak, but if you collect all 25 rewards during the month y...

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