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Welcome! Get to know our Minecraft network and make the most of your experience. Learn about the different features, commands, and best practices.

Getting StartedRead these first as you begin your isoVerse experience.


ServersSeven fun and unique servers, where there is always something to do.


Commands & FeaturesLearn about specific features and how to make the most of isoVerse.



How to Join Join the isoVerse network from any device, and connect easily to play with friends.



  1. Open Minecraft
  2. Navigate to the mulitplayer tab
  3. Cick ''add server''
  4. enter server name [ie. isoverse] and ip [] as seen below
  5. Click done and then join and enjoy


  1. Open Minecraft
  2. Switch to the server tab
  3. Scroll down and press add server
  4. Enter server name [ie. isoverse] and server ip [] as seen below
  5. Press save and click on the server and join.


  1. Follow the tutorial to change your DNS Here
  2. Change DNS in settings to one of the IP's below
  3. Make sure you have Xbox live
  4. Open Minecraft
  5. Switch to the server tab
  6. Scroll down and press add server
  7. Enter server name [ie. isoverse] and server ip [] as seen below
  8. Press save and click on the server and join.


  1. Follow the tutorial to change your DNS Here
  2. Change DNS in settings to one of the IP's below
  3. Make sure you have Playstation plus
  4. Open Minecraft
  5. Switch to the server tab
  6. Scroll down and press add server
  7. Enter server name [ie. isoverse] and server ip [] as seen below
  8. Press save and click on the server and join.


  1. Follow the tutorial to change your DNS Here
  2. Change DNS in settings to one of the IP's below
  3. Make sure you have Nintendo Switch Online
  4. Open Minecraft
  5. Switch to the server tab
  6. Join any server until you get to this page
  7. Enter server name [ie. isoverse] and server ip [] as seen below
  8. Press save and click on the server and join.


Rules & Policies These simple rules apply anywhere you interact with isoVerse. Failure to follow the rules may result in a ban from isoVerse.


1 Respect everyone at all times

We expect you to respect other players and staff members. Be mindful of other people. Act maturely and respectfully. If you disagree with someone, don't be a jerk.

2 Keep the chat clean

Everyone is welcome at isoVerse, but the language you use in chat must be appropriate at all times. There can be young players on the server, and we have a strict zero-tolerance policy to any inappropriate content in general chat and private messages. Every message you send should be family-friendly. If you make a mistake, the filter will automatically correct you. 

Do not attempt to bypass the chat filter. If a word in your message is blocked by the filter, do not attempt to add characters or spaces to force the message to go through. Instead, stop saying that word. 

  • No swearing: Absolutely no cussing, cursing, or foul language.
  • No spamming: Don't use noisy chat, by repeating the same letter or message.
  • No advertising: Do not persuade or promote others to join a different Minecraft server. Limited discussion of other popular servers is OK, to an extent.
  • No sensitive subjects: Avoid topics of self-harm, trauma, violence, illegal activity, drugs, etc.
  • No inappropriate subjects: No sexual discussion, sexuality, or NSFW content. Keep discussion content family-friendly.
  • No politics*: Don't share your opinions of political events or politicians.
  • No religion*: Don't share religious beliefs or ask others to share theirs.
  • No flirting*: Don't show public displays of affection, whether the person wants it or not
  • No role-playing*: Don't use public chat for role-playing activities.
  • Items marked with an asterisk (*) do not apply in private messages only if those receiving the message consent to that type of content.

3 No client modifications or exploits

Mods can provide a new way to play Minecraft. Some add new items or entities (which are allowed but simply won't work), or change sound effects or add shading to the world (which are perfectly acceptable). However, some mods (including hacked clients) allow you to cheat on Minecraft servers. You can NOT use any of these mods. If it changes gameplay, gives you an unfair advantage, or shows you something valuable you can't see in vanilla Minecraft, it is not allowed. If you discover an exploit that could give an unfair advantage due to a bug or technical flaw, it is your responsibility to report it to us. If you abuse the exploit without telling us, you will be banned. Don't try to break or trick in-game systems like the AFK timer. You are not allowed to use any scripts, keybinds, or auto clickers to make your computer do work that normally would need to be done by a human.

Allowed Mods Not on this list? Then it's not allowed.

Texture Packs (non- X-Ray only)
Resource Packs (non- X-Ray only)
OptiFine, Sodium, other FPS boosters
Badlion Client
Rei's Minimap (NOT any that allows cheating)
Replay mod - ONLY allowed if used for filming exclusively. Using it to find hidden ores or locations is bannable.
BetterGrass, BetterLight, etc. (Included in OptiFine)
Higher Clouds (included in OptiFine)
Water Shader Mods
World Edit CUI
Sunlis' Durability Warning Mod
Clear Water (included in OptiFine)
MC Capes (included in OptiFine)
Status Effect HUD
Better Animation
Rave mod
Auto Join
Unbelievable Shaders Mod
Inventory HUD+
Lunar Client
Shulker Box Tooltips
No other mods are allowed unless on this list.

Banned ModsJust a few examples.

World/Schematic Downloaders
Entity Radars
Schematica/Litematica downloaders
Range hacks
Walk on water mods
Smart Moving
Chest Finders
Inventory Tweaks
Battle advantages or quick draw mods
Mob dismemberment/amputation
Any type of modified clients (Nodus, etc.)
Tool-assisted speedrun
Anything else that modifies gameplay or gives an unfair advantage.

4 No griefing, stealing, property damage, or trolling

If you didn't build it, don't touch it. Don't create traps that will damage other players. Create warps in safe locations only. Don't claim land next to another player's claim without their permission. If you are unsure if an area belongs to someone else, create a /ticket at its location and the staff team will confirm. You are allowed to grief and steal, make teleport traps, and damage property on the Hardcore and Factions servers only.

5 No inappropriate buildings, skins, usernames

You are responsible for everything you build, the skin you wear, and your username. Our rules apply to any form of content you create on the isoVerse Network.

InfractionsWarnings and punishments for not following our rules or policies. There may be a varying amount of infractions issued for rule infractions depending on the situation and severity.

Received a ban or mute?
If you have an infraction preventing you from logging in or chatting, you can appeal it here.

You may receive an infraction from a staff member for breaking our rules, or not following our policies. Every player is held to a high standard and following the rules is a basic expectation of everyone, while on Minecraft Server, Website, or Discord.

  • Verbal warning
    If a staff member asks you to change your behavior to follow our rules, their request is an expectation. A verbal warning may not always be given. These do not show up on a player's /history but are accessible to staff members.
  • Warning
    When receiving a warning, consider it a formal requirement and notice to stop breaking the rules. There may be a varying amount of warnings issued, or none at all, depending on the situation. Warnings and all other infractions are permanently logged on a player's /history.
  • Mute
    While muted, you cannot speak or use other social functions of isoVerse. A mute is issued for chat-related infractions and begins as a temporary chat block which can become permanent with repeated abuse.
  • Ban
    While banned, you cannot join isoVerse. Bans may be specific to one platform, or across our Minecraft Server, Website, and Discord. Bans are issued for more severe infractions and can be temporary or permanent.

If you believe you received an infraction unfairly from a staff member, or if you were not breaking the rules, please file an appeal. Our staff team does our best to enforce the rules fairly and equally, but if you disagree with an infraction, an appeal is the best way to handle it. Do not escalate situations in which you receive an infraction, even if you believe it is fair. Instead, file an appeal and the entire staff team will review your case.

isoVerse staff instructions and or decisions are final and non-negotiable. If you feel as if a specific decision is abusive and or incorrect, you may file an appeal. There is a level of reasonable expectation and understanding that some rules may or may not be documented, but can and will be enforced by Administration. The Administration reserves the right to alter these rules, their caveats, punishments, and or other factors at any time. Some rules may be enforced at the discretion of the staff member and on a case-by-case basis.

PoliciesTechnical details and specific explanations of certain rules or standards that everyone should adhere to.

  • Inactivity Policy
    To keep our databases happy and our storage costs to a minimum, we track how active you are on our Minecraft server. If you are offline from the server for a very long time (1+ year), we may delete some of the data we have stored about you to free up space for other players. Before deleting any data, we will do our best to reach out to you first via in-game mail, Discord, email, etc and provide plenty of time for you to respond. To avoid any data loss, simply log in to our Minecraft server if you are able to. Make sure to link your Discord account and sign up for our website so we have contact information on file for you. If you cannot do any of this, please notify a staff member before your departure so we can ensure your data is kept. You can check a player's last login date with /seen [player].

    Data that may be deleted but not limited to: Warps, Unlocked Cosmetics, XP and level, Survival land claims, Survival towns, Survival balance, Skyblock Islands, Creative Plots. While data is not routinely removed, prolonged periods (i.e. years) of inactivity may result in the loss of your rank. We may switch to new backend systems, make changes to rank structure, etc. We will do our best to notify you ahead of time via the website and Discord. 

  • Sharing Donor Perks
    When you get a rank, you also get perks. All of these features are designed to benefit you only, not other players. Using your perks to benefit another player is against the rules and will result in forfeiture of your donor rank. Examples include (but are not limited to): placing colored signs for others, changing plot flags on a plot in which you're not a major builder, changing Island border/biome/name of an Island you don't own, claiming plots then transferring them to someone else to avoid the plot limits, etc.

  • Automatic Farms & Lag Machines
    We encourage players to take advantage of all Minecraft mechanics, including building automatic farms, generators, and complex redstone contraptions. Any structure or creation that causes lag, harm to others, or unnecessary use or creation of resources may be deleted immediately and without warning.

  • Alternate Accounts
    Each human playing on isoVerse must have a single Minecraft account that they use to join the server, and must have a single Discord account they use on our Discord. Using multiple accounts to attempt to gain playtime, keep chunks loaded, earn money or XP, collect items, avoid the AFK timer, or assist your primary account in any way is not allowed. If you are banned or punished, you are not allowed to use another account in an attempt to bypass the infraction. Attempts to bypass or trick the AFK timer will result in a ban.

  • Keep Your Account Secure
    If you don't have a long, complex, unique, and secure password for your account, go update it. If your Discord account doesn't have two-factor authentication, go turn that on. If your account is used without your permission (by a family member or a hacker), it is YOUR responsibility. Don't let others use your account for any reason.

  • Observing Rule-Breakers
    If someone refuses to obey the rules, ignore them. Mini-modding is not allowed. Do not try to correct them or enforce the rules, as this will just make the situation worse. Get evidence in the form of a screenshot or video, and then report it to us.

  • Terms and Conditions
    You must agree to the isoVerse Terms and Conditions to play on our Minecraft server, use our website, or interact with our Discord server (our "Services"). Engaging with our Services constitutes an acceptance of our terms.

  • Privacy Policy
    We go to extreme lengths to ensure your data is secure and protected. Our Services have been built from day one to be private and encrypted. Only our two senior leadership team members have access to user data, and all sensitive data is protected with SHA-512 encryption. Visit our Privacy Policy to learn more about how your data is used and protected while on our Services.

  • Staff Expectations
    Our Moderators and Admins are expected to follow the exact same rules as everyone else. In fact, they are held to a higher expectation and breaking any rule will usually result in harsher penalties than players. They are not given any abilities that let them cheat at the game, and all moderation activities are closely monitored by isoVerse leadership.


Chat & Messaging Learn how to communicate with the isoVerse community. Keep in touch with friends and stay connected while online and offline.


How do I chat?

One of the great things about isoVerse is the friendly community with which you can chat. To open your chat, press the T button and type a message. When you've typed your message, press enter to send it. This will send your message in global chat, which can be seen from each server.

How do I use commands?

Commands are anything prefixed with a slash (/). For example, you can use a command to take you back to the isoVerse Hub. Just press T, type /hub, and press enter to run the command. You can watch the chat to see a response, which may be a success (green, gray, or blue) or error (red) message.
Some commands have arguments, which are a slot that you can fill with extra details. For example, if you want to send a private message to someone, you have to tell us two things: who you want to talk to and what you want to say. When you see /m [player] [message], that means you could use /m Notch Hello there to the phrase "Hello there" to Notch. If an argument has square brackets (like this example), the argument is required and the command will not work without an argument. Other arguments that have parentheses are optional, and the command can work with or without the argument.

How do I see who is online?

Press the tab button on your keyboard to show the list of online players. You will see the server they are on, and the primary rank they have. If someone is annoying you, use /ignore [player] to toggle ignoring all chat messages from them.

How can I chat privately with someone?

You can have a one-on-one conversation that is just between you and someone else by using /m [player] [message]. You can chat with anyone who is online, and use /m [player] to toggle sending all your regular chat messages to that player as a private message. You can quickly reply to your last message with /r [message].

You can send another player /mail when they aren't online. To get started use /mail new. A mail notification will show in chat when a message is available.


If you have donated to the server you are able to give yourself a custom nickname, and stand out from everyone else on the server. You can find out which ranks are able to do this by looking at the Ranks & Perks page.

Please note: All nicknames are monitored and will need to be requested and then approved by staff, this is to ensure that we keep the chat family friendly at all times.

Requesting a nickname

To request a nickname you first need to ensure you have donated to the server and have the appropriate rank, then use/nickname request <Nickname>. Once your nickname has been requested you will get a notification advising you, and the staff team will be able to review this and either accept or deny your request.

Activating & Deactivating nicknames

To Deactivate /  Activate a nickname you can either use the /nickname list command to manage your nicknames or use the /nickname activate <id> & nickname deactivate <id> command.

in order to use the two commands you will need to know the nickname id, which you can obtain from using the list command.

Removing Nicknames

To remove a nickname you can use the nickname remove<id> command this will allow you to delete the nickname.

You will need to know the id of the nickname you want to delete and this can be obtained from using the nickname list command.

Please note: Once a nickname is deleted it cannot be restored and will be permanently deleted

How do I make my messages colorful?

Using color codes, you can add color to your chat messages, signs, and nicknames. A color code is a two-digit prefix that makes all text following it a certain color. The Elite rank can use color codes and formatting in global chat. The Pro rank can use HEX codes to pick any color they want. Everyone can use color codes in private messages and group chats.

Color codes

  • &4
    dark red
  • &c
  • &6
  • &e
  • &2
    dark green
  • &a
  • &b
  • &3
    dark aqua

Color codes

  • &1
    dark blue
  • &9
  • &d
  • &5
  • &f
  • &7
  • &8
    dark gray
  • &0

Formatting codes

  • &l
  • &m
  • &n
  • &o
  • &r

HEX codes

  • &#123456


Ranks & Perks Donate to support our server and receive some fun perks for your support. All payments are used for maintenance and improvements to isoVerse.



Get a Rank Purchasing a rank from our online store will activate on isoVerse and provide access to the perks and features listed below. 100% of every purchase is used to help keep our servers running. Ranks will activate 5-10 minutes after purchase. Ranks are global, and work across all isoVerse servers, the website, and our Discord server.

The Pro rank is a monthly or annual subscription. It has unique features and is separate from all other ranks.

The Hero, Ultra, Titan, and Elite ranks are all similar. Each contains additional features that build off the previous rank. You can upgrade between these ranks at any time and only pay the difference

Turn your phone sideways to use landscape mode to view the whole table.

Feature Default Pro
Crates 8× ʟᴇɢᴇɴᴅᴀʀʏ, 8× ᴇᴘɪᴄ, 8× ʀᴀʀᴇ monthly ᴇᴘɪᴄ monthly

ᴇᴘɪᴄ monthly

ᴇᴘɪᴄ,  ʟᴇɢᴇɴᴅᴀʀʏ monthly

Drop Party Tickets Boosted monthly
Daily Rewards 1% ʟᴇɢᴇɴᴅᴀʀʏ chance 5% ʟᴇɢᴇɴᴅᴀʀʏ chance 2% ʟᴇɢᴇɴᴅᴀʀʏ chance 3% ʟᴇɢᴇɴᴅᴀʀʏ chance
Included kits Starter, Fighter, Farmer Spawner, Valuables, Bedrock Engineer, Candle Fisherman, Designer, Demolitionist, Woodworker Florist, Bucket, Enchanter Alchemist, Archer, Music
Backpack rows 6 1 2 3 4
Spells cooldown 5 min 1 min
AFK spawn moving wait 30 min 5 min 10 min 20 min
Sit on other players
Change your skin to base64 or other players
Portable crafting table
Global WorldEdit navigation commands
Included disguises Glowing Pro, Sniffer, Camel, Ender Dragon, Wither, Giant
Alphabet emoji
Skills XP boost 10%
Skills cooldown 25% faster
Customize trails color & data, extra 7 trails
Use HEX color chat
Maximum simultaneous active trails 1 5 1 2 3 4
Saved trail groups 0 10 1 2 4 7
Infinite Parkour block styles Red Ores, wood, rainbow, glow Green, blue, gray Light blue, lime, cyan Quartz, purple, yellow, gray End, nether, ocean, redstone, overworld
Infinite Parkour settings Sound Time Particles Leads
Homes 1 3 5 10 20
Creative plots 1 2 4 6 10
Warps 3 5 15 30 50
Chest shops 20 40 60 80 100
Creative plot features Basic Set home, alias, description Merge plots Set plot biome, music, deny entry Extra plot flags
Creative WorldEdit features Basic Liquids, terrain, navigation Use tools, advanced operations Use brushes, masks, super pickaxe Schematics
Break and pick up mob spawners Zombie Skeleton, Silverfish Spider, Cave Spider Blaze, Magma Cube
Chat to the server from Discord
Clear inventory
Sit in chairs
Baby chicken disguise
Change land claim name
Survival land claim flags chest-access, damage-animals, lighter, ride, vehicle-use, villager-trade block-fertilize, crop-growth, enderman-grief, fire-spread, grass-growth, ice-melt, mushroom-growth, mycelium-spread, sign-use, sleep, snow-melt pvp, ice-form, leaf-decay, snow-fall, snowman-trail, soil-dry, vine-growth
Change Island border
Sit on anything
Buy and sell from anywhere in Survival
Hide your own disguise
Baby zombie disguise
Maximum health 10 11 13 16 20
Auto-sort chests and inventory
Make colored signs
Create a nickname Simple Colored
Teleport /back to your grave
Set Island name
Change fly/walk speed
Open ender chest
Lay and crawl
Create warp signs
Teleport to the Nether and End
Hide yourself from the online map
Baby llama disguise
Use colored chat
Claim two towns
Place player heads and barriers
Teleport to any biome
Ride mobs
Powered creeper disguise
Contest entries 1 2
Tree Auto Cutter
Auto Crop Replanter


Navigation Travel around the isoVerse network. Switch between servers, find a place to build, teleport to your home, visit other players, and warp to new areas.


How do I get around isoVerse?

You can open the /menu to see a list of servers. Just click on a server to teleport to it. To return to the central, safe location of the server you're on, type /spawn. Return to the Hub at any time with /hub. There are additional things to do on the menu including daily rewards, voting, support tickets, contests, your XP, and more.

Survival Skyblock Creative
Collect resources, build, and survive in classic Survival with a twist. Set up a shop, rent land, gain skill levels and abilities, and help the townspeople of Imber with their quests. Create towns, hotels, shops, and more. Buy and sell in a dynamic economy with new items daily.
Learn more
Survive with few resources on an island floating in the sky. Upgrade your generator, collect Crystals, activate boosters, and level-up your island to collect rewards and more loot. Team up with friends and climb the top Island leaderboard.
Learn more
A blank canvas for your imagination, build by yourself or invite friends to help. Use free WorldEdit to speed up build projects, and participate in monthly contests to win free ranks, extra plots, spawning decorative heads, and more perks.
Learn more
Parkour Hardcore Games
Jump your way through parkour courses designed for all skill levels. Achieve checkpoints and run quickly to earn a spot on the leaderboard. Earn Legendary crates on many courses. Challenge others to race in a course with you and see who wins.
Learn more
Survive in the harsh wilderness with maximum difficulty against 20 unique hostile mobs. If you stay outside during a Blood Moon, you can earn powerful tools but risk dying quickly. If you die, you're locked out for increasing lengths.
Learn more
Play fun mini-games and team up with friends to earn rewards and a spot on the leaderboard. Play Cake Wars and some fun PvP matches against friends. New games are added often, suggest them on our website. Build mini-game maps and we may use them.
Learn more

How do I start building?

Each one of our servers is unique. Just type /build on any of them to start building. On Survival, you will be sent to a random spot in the wilderness, where you'll be safe for a few seconds. On Skyblock it will prompt you to create a new Island (if you already have one, type /is). On Creative you will be sent to a new Plot (if you already have one, type /plot). On Parkour you will start playing the practice course. On Hardcore you will enter a random place in the hostile build world.

How can I visit my friends?

The best part of isoVerse is playing with friends. To teleport to someone, just type /tp [player]. If you have an incoming teleport request, you'll need to accept it before anyone will move. If you want to teleport someone to your location, use /tphere [player]. If you don't want to be bothered by teleport requests, type /tptoggle to toggle them off.

How do I return home?

If you're not in a Spawn, you can create a home with /sethome (name). Return to it at any time with /home (home). If you purchase a rank you can have multiple homes: list them all with /homes. To delete a home location, use /delhome (name).

How can I set up a warp?

Warps are a great way to have others be able to visit your creation in Survival, Creative, or Skyblock. Just type /warp to open the menu. You will be able to create a new warp or manage an existing one. You can also filter to see public warps created by others (new warps are public by default). Use /warp [name] to quickly teleport to one. Get the Titan rank to create warp signs. Just place a sign and put [warp] as the first line, then fill the rest of the sign with the name of the warp. Include how you would run the command, with the warp owner's name, a period, and the warp name. You may need to fill multiple lines on the sign.


Survival Collect resources, build, and survive in classic Survival with a twist. Set up a shop, rent land, gain skill levels and abilities, and help the townspeople of Imber with their quests.


Earning & spending money

Check your /balance to see how much money you have. Earn money in the /spawn by selling items to the traders or complete quests in Imber. Check the top balances with /balancetop, and send money to a friend with /pay [player] [amount]. Money can be used to buy items from the traders or purchase land claims (see below).

Completing quests

Click on any of the townspeople in Imber to talk to them and participate in their quests. Type /quests to see your progress and completed quests. If you have a compass in your inventory while chatting with an NPC, it will be updated to point in the direction of your next step in the quest. When you finish a quest, you may get items, money, or isoVerse XP. You can repeat most quests every week to maximize your rewards.

Claiming land

Keep your house safe with a land claim. Type /claim to begin the claiming process. Right-click the first corner of your property, then walk to the opposite corner and right-click again. Confirm the cost to create the claim (each 2D block in your claim costs 10¢). Once the claim is created, you will see a visual outline of its borders. View all claims on the online map. Type /claiminfo to open the claim menu to see who owns land or change settings in your own claim. Each tab at the top is clickable and explained below:

  • Claim: view basic claim info, change display name (requires Hero+), teleport to claim, toggle inheritance, change type. Click "Back" to abandon the claim or start renting the claim.
  • Commands: an overly complicated list of commands that you'll rarely use. We recommend skipping this tab.
  • Flags: control the actions players can take on your claim. Switch between Public and Owner modes to choose what guests and trusted players are able to do, respectively. Flags are available for Ultra+, and certain additional flags are unlocked as you upgrade your rank.
  • Player: view statistics and limits to your claims.
  • Trust: give other players permission to build and interact with your claim. Switch to any tab except All and click the [+] to add a player or group. For players, enter their username. For groups, enter an isoVerse rank or "public" for everyone.
    • All: list all players and groups with any level of trust.
    • Accessor: interact with all blocks except inventory (chest, furnace, etc.)
    • Container: interact with all blocks and open/edit containers
    • Builder: break and place blocks
    • Manager: modify claim settings, flags, and trust
  • Public Trusting: Use the command /trust public container to give everyone container access.
  • Hide-Chat: turn this option on at the bottom to pause chat messages as you interact with your claim.
  • Expanding Claims: to expand a claim use /claimexpand (distance)    eg: use /claimexpand 5     to expand your claim 5 blocks in the direction that you are facing

Selling items in a shop

Create a chest shop to buy and sell items from other players. View a list of other shops with /shops and you can buy with other players from anywhere in Survival. You can create up to 20 chest shops, or get a rank to create up to 100. It's easy to make a chest shop:

  1. Place a chest in a land claim you own (see above for instructions)
  2. Hold the item you want to sell
  3. Hold down SHIFT and Left-click the chest
  4. Specify the quantity of items to sell in a each transaction
  5. Specify the price per item

When you are done, other players can buy the item and you will receive money for it. Right-click the chest to open the shop as other players see it, and use the Settings button at the bottom to edit your shop, add a buy price, restock items, hide it from the public shops list, and more.

Trading items and money

To make a deal with another player, type /trade [player]. A trade is a safe environment where you both can place items you want to swap, and specify an amount of money if you desire. Once both players lock in the trade, the items are moved automatically. If you don't want to receive trade requests, use /tradetoggle.

Skipping the night

The night time can be dangerous with monsters roaming around. If one-third (33% or greater) of the players online in Survival sleep in a bed, the time will quickly switch to day. A message at the top of the screen will indicate the amount of players needed to sleep.

PvPing with others

To test out your weapons and armor, enable PvP mode with /pvp. If two players have this enabled, they will be able to fight in the wilderness. On combat death you will not lose your items or experience points.


Skyblock Survive with few resources on an island floating in the sky. Upgrade your generator, collect Crystals, activate boosters, and level-up your island to collect rewards and more loot. Team up with friends and climb the top Island leaderboard.


Creating an Island

Each player can have their own Island, or they can become a member of someone else's. Type /is to open the Island menu. This menu shows many of the options and features of Skyblock. If you don't yet have an Island, you'll be prompted to create one. Open the menu at any time to return home by clicking the bed, or type /is home.

Surviving with a few items

The first thing to do is open your chest. Inside you will find a handful of items to help you get started. Place a torch so monsters won't spawn. Use the pickaxe and break the cobblestone (between the water and lava) to generate more cobblestone and ores. Begin growing wheat and expanding your Island.

Working with friends

Working together with others is a quick way to grow your Island. You can invite someone with /is invite [player] to become a member of your Island (as long as they don't have their own Island). Members can be given certain permissions, promoted or demoted, and help complete missions and challenges. If someone who is already a member of another Island wants to help build, you can trust them with /is trust [player] to give them building permissions only. To teleport to your friends, see our navigation page.

Upgrades and Boosters

To truly expand your Island you will want to purchase upgrades with /is upgrades. Increase your building radius, invite more members, place extra hoppers and pistons, and unlock better ores that will spawn in your cobblestone generator. You can also use boosters with /is boosters which give a limited-time boost to crop growth, mob spawning, experience gain, or even fly mode! Boosters and upgrades can be purchased with Crystals.

Earning Crystals and EXP

Earn Crystals by completing missions and challenges, or selling items to the /is shop, to buy boosters and upgrades. New missions will show up daily, so make sure to log in each day to maximize your earnings. Challenges can be completed once, and although they are harder they have much higher rewards. You will also earn EXP, which can help level-up your Island, when you'll earn more Crystals and also XP. Check your EXP progression with /is exp.

Giving friends more permission

When you invite someone (and they accept), they'll become a Member of your Island. Promote them to a higher rank with /is promote [player]. Use /is permissions to decide what features each rank can use:

  • Visitor – Anyone who has not joined your Island. They do not have any permission.
  • Member – Can build and open chests by default.
  • Elder – Can invite other players and ban visitors.
  • Leader – Can change permissions, promote, and demote.
  • Owner – Can delete the Island. The original Island creator is the Owner, but you can transfer ownership with /is transfer [player].

Visiting the Nether and End

Each Island has a Nether and End Island that is only accessible when you build a portal. Build basalt generators in the Nether to generate netherrack and other ores. As you purchase higher levels of the Ore Generator upgrade, the basalt generator will give better ores as well (nether quartz, nether gold, glowstone, and ancient debris).

Trading items with the townspeople

Type /spawn to visit the Skyblock spawn, where you can find a dozen townspeople willing to trade with you. You'll start out with only the minimum essentials, but if you collect enough items you can trade for better ones.

Trading items with others

To make a deal with another player, type /trade [player]. A trade is a safe environment where you both can place items you want to swap. Once both players lock in the trade, the items are moved automatically. If you don't want to receive trade requests, use /tradetoggle.

Improving your Skills

Skills provide a fun RPG-like way to advance your skills and abilities. Type /skills to view the menu where you can view your stats, power levels, abilities, and more. Improve your Skills just by doing actions that match that skill's category, including: Acrobatics, Archery, Axes, Swords, Unarmed, Excavation, Fishing, Herbalism, Mining, Woodcutting, Alchemy, Repair, Taming, Salvage, and Smelting.

PvPing with others

To test out your weapons and armor, enable PvP mode with /pvp. If two players have this enabled, they will be able to fight. On combat death you will not lose your items or experience points.

All Skyblock commands

You can use most options from the /is menu, but some advanced users may want to use commands:

Command Description
/is ban (player) Ban a player from entering your Island, or view a list of banned players
/is bank View your Island's Crystals and EXP
/is biome (biome) Change the biome of your Island (Elite rank required)
/is boosters View and purchase boosters which give your Island a temporary boost
/is border (color) Change the border color to red, green, blue, or off (default). (Ultra+ rank required)
/is create Create a new Island if you don't have one already
/is delete Permanently delete your Island, Crystals, EXP, inventory, and start completely from scratch (you can only do this once per week)
/is demote [player] Decrease a player's rank on your Island
/is exp Check your Island's level and how much EXP is needed to level-up
/is expel (player) Kick a guest off your Island or view visitors
/is fly Enable fly-mode after activating the Flight Booster
/is home Teleport to your Island
/is info View information about your Island
/is invite (player) Invite someone to become a Member, or view a list of pending invites
/is join [player] Accept another player's invitation to join their Island
/is kick [player] Remove a Member from your Island
/is leave Leave the Island you were invited to
/is logs View recent activity including invites, boosters and upgrade purchases, and rewards claimed
/is members See a list of Members who have joined your Island, and promote/demote/kick if needed
/is missions View daily missions and challenges
/is permissions Change specific actions allowed by each rank
/is private Prevent your Island from showing up in the visit list
/is promote [player] Increase a player's rank on your Island
/is public Show your Island on the visit list (Islands are public by default)
/is rename [name] Identify your Island by a custom name instead of your username (Titan+ rank required)
/is rewards Claim Crystals, EXP, and isoVerse XP earned from missions, challenges, and leveling up your Island
/is sethome Change the location of your Island home (used when you return home and when others visit)
/is shop Sell excess items for Crystals
/is top View the best Islands in isoVerse (calculated by rare blocks placed and Island level)
/is transfer (player) Make another member of your Island the owner
/is trust (player) Give building permissions to someone who isn't invited, or view a list of trusted players
/is unban [player] Un-ban someone who was previously banned from visiting your Island
/is uninvite [player] Revoke an invitation given to join your Island before it's accepted
/is untrust [player] Revoke building permissions from a trusted player
/is upgrades View and purchase Island upgrades
/is visit Teleport to any public Island


Creative A blank canvas for your imagination, build by yourself or invite friends to help. Use free WorldEdit to speed up build projects, and participate in monthly contests to win free ranks, extra plots, spawning decorative heads, and more perks.


Building on a Plot

When you first join Creative, you will be teleported to a new plot: a patch of grass, size 99x99 blocks, bedrock to the sky, where you can build anything you want. Return to your plot with /plot home. If you want to claim a different plot, you can use /plot delete while standing on your current plot and then fly to a specific plot and claim it with /plot claim or claim a random plot with /plot auto. Each player gets one plot for free. You can upgrade your rank to unlock additional plots. 

Teleporting Between Plots

Each plot has an ID, which you can view with /plot info while standing on it. See a list of all plots in isoVerse with /plot list all, or use /plot list mine to view a list of plots that you own. As a Hero+, you can set a /plot alias that others can use instead of a plot ID. Use /plot visit to teleport to any one of them. You also can set your home or create a warp for quicker access.

Working with Friends

Teamwork is important, especially on large projects. You can allow others players to build on your plot with /plot add [player], which will give them building permissions only while you are online on the Creative server. If you trust them and want to let them build even when you're offline, you can use /plot trust [player] to give them even more freedom. To remove an added player, use /plot kick [player]. If a player is being particularly annoying, as a Titan+ you can prevent them from even entering your plot with /plot deny [player]. You can view a list of players added to the plot with /plot info.

Participating in Contests

Every month there is a contest that you can join. The details will be posted to our Discord server, including the requirements, prizes, and method to submit your entry. To see the current state of the contest in-game, use /contest. You can view a list of entries and teleport to them with /contest list, and if it is voting time you will be able to vote for an entry by clicking on it.

To go to the contest plot use /contest world. The plot will be automatically be claimed by you.

To clear your contest plot use /plot clear then use /plot confirm

Changing the weather, time, biome, and more

Things like plot weather, time, biome, and other properties are flags, and can be modified with the /plot flag menu. Titan+ are able to set a wide variety of flags, and Elites can set almost any flag. These flags allow you to let random players click on buttons, change the gamemode of players entering your plot, prevent snow from melting, prevent item drops, and much more. Use /plot flag list to see a list of available flags, and /plot flag set [flag] [value] to update a flag's value. You can view a list of flags applied to the plot with /plot info.

Feature Command Default Hero Ultra Titan Elite
Included plots /plot claim 1 2 3 4 5
Fix lighting issues on your plot /plot relight
Set your plot home /plot sethome
Use a plot alias instead of ID /plot alias set [alias]
Set your plot description /plot desc [text]
Teleport to the plot's center /plot middle
Unlink merged plots /plot unlink
Merge nearby plots together /plot merge
Set your plot biome /plot biome [biome]
Prevent people from entering /plot deny [player]
Play music while on your plot /plot music
Set plot flags (see below) /plot flag

Plot flags for Titans: break, crop-grow, disable-physics, entity-change-block, forcefield, lectern-read-book, music, place, time, use, vehicle-break, vehicle-place, vehicle-use, weather
Plot flags for Elites: gamemode, instabreak, no-worldedit, notify-enter, notify-leave, titles (and all Titan flags)

Using WorldEdit

Placing each block by hand can be difficult. Use WorldEdit to make that work easier, as well as being able to generate geometric shapes and use other useful building utilities. For help using WorldEdit, just search the internet for "WorldEdit tutorial". For detailed information about each of the commands listed below, click here for an explanation.

Feature Command Default Hero Ultra Titan Elite
Get distribution of blocks in a selection //distr
Perform math calculations //calc
Use the clipboard //copy, //paste, //cut, //flip, //rotate
Change blocks in selection //set, //faces, //walls
Change history //undo, //redo, //rollback
Modify your selection //wand, //contract, //expand, //hpos, //inset, //outset, //shift, //size
View information on items //searchitem, //nbtinfo
Modify liquids //drain, //fixlava, //fixwater
Modify terrain //extinguish, //green, //fall, //fill
Easy navigation //ascend, //descend, //jump, //thru, //unstuck, //up
Terrain generation //flora, //forest, //snow, //thaw
Advanced region operations //move, //replace, //stack, //remove, //removeabove, //removebelow, //replacenear
Use tools //tool
Use brushes //brush
Generate forests, pumpkins, images, ores //generate
Use masks and super pickaxe //mask, //sp
Save clipboard to a schematic //schematic


Parkour Jump your way through parkour courses designed for all skill levels. Achieve checkpoints and run quickly to earn a spot on the leaderboard. Earn Legendary crates on many courses. Challenge others to race in a course with you and see who wins.


What is parkour?

Parkour is a real sport of running and jumping around obstacles. The Parkour server takes Minecraft parkour to a new level. With several courses of varying difficulty, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

How do I join a course?

The courses are visible around the /spawn. Walk up to a course and jump in the portal to start playing. Courses vary in difficulty from super easy to super hard.

What do I do while in a course?

Jump, sneak, sprint, and run across the obstacles to get to the end. Make sure to step on the gold pressure plates, which are checkpoints. In case you fall or get stuck, just click on the gold pressure plate in your inventory to respawn at your last unlocked checkpoint. Click on the green dye to toggle seeing other players, which might help you concentrate. Click on the yellow end portal to leave and return to the spawn. Click the TNT to completely restart from the beginning and reset all your progress.

What is Infinite Parkour?

A new gamemode on the Parkour server, Infinite Parkour gives you a private lobby where you can jump as far as you can go! Type /ip to open the Infinite Parkour menu and join your lobby, or spectate another person's lobby. View stats and leaderboards, and earn XP and crates while you play. Donate to get extra perks on Infinite Parkour:

  • Styles: change the types and groups of blocks that spawn in your parkour course
    • Everyone: red
    • Hero: green, blue, gray
    • Ultra: light blue, lime, cyan
    • Titan: quartz, purple, yellow, gray
    • Elite: end, nether, ocean, redstone, overworld
    • Pro: ores, wood, rainbow, glow
  • Leads: change the number of blocks that spawn ahead of you
    • Everyone: 5 leading blocks
    • Elite: able to change from 1 to 10 leading blocks
  • Particles: hide or show the particles that spawn around newly generated blocks
    • Everyone: particles shown
    • Titan: able to customize particles or hide them
  • Time: change the time of day
    • Everyone: day time
    • Ultra: change the time
  • Sound: change sound effects in Infinite Parkour
    • Everyone: sound included
    • Hero: able to turn off sounds

What rewards do I get for finishing a course?

If you reach the end of a course, no matter how many times you restarted from a checkpoint, you'll be given a crate and some isoVerse XP. Many courses offer Legendary crates for completion!

How do I get on the leaderboards?

Behind each course are the leaderboards. The top 10 players with the best time on each course are listed. While in a course, your time is shown on the scoreboard. Click the TNT while in a course to reset from the beginning and also reset your time to shoot for a better leaderboard time.


Factions Claim land, gain power, and team up with your faction to dominate the kingdom. Make allies and enemies, place bounties, get a job, auction items, and sell in a dynamic shop.


Start Your Adventure

Welcome to Factions, a vast kingdom with many dangers and rewards. Enter the portal or type /build to start building. Don't like your location? Type /build again. Team up with a faction (or create your own) to be able to protect land. Make sure to /sethome when you find a spot you want to return to. Type /spawn to return to the Spawn at any time.
Griefing, stealing, and PvP are allowed on Factions!

Joining an existing Faction

If you're not in a faction, you won't be able to protect your things from others. Type /f list to see a list of all factions, and use /f info [faction/player] to learn more about one. To see the faction someone is joined, use /f who [player]. To join a faction, you must be invited by an officer or owner. If you're invited, you will be alerted and will need to type /f join [faction name] to accept the invitation. Use /f laws to see the laws of the faction you must follow.

Creating your own Faction

If you would rather lead a civilization rather than join an existing one, type /f create [faction name] to create one. To invite others to your faction, type /f invite [player]. You can set a description of your faction, visible to outsiders and members, with /mf desc [description]. If you are a Hero rank or higher, you can create laws in your faction with /f addlaw [law] and remove them with /f removelaw [law]. Law & order is important to uphold the integrity of a faction and protect it from chaos. Get the Titan rank to create custom roles and permissions with /f role. With Elite you can build automatic gates for your members to use, which keep out enemies!

Teleporting, home, and warps

To start building in the 1.20 Factions world, type /build. There are also many ways to get around the map. You can/sethome to save your location and /f home to return to it. Donate to set more than 1 home. Visit your faction base with /f home or set it to a new location with /f sethome if you're an owner or officer. You can also create /warps to share locations with others. Visit the navigation page to learn more. Get the Titan rank to teleport to the Nether and End with an exclusive command, and get Elite to randomly teleport to a biome of your choice. The higher your rank, the farther in the world you can randomly teleport, a cheaper Coins cost per teleport, and a lower cooldown between teleports. Get the Pro rank to get free teleports with no cooldown.
Be cautious of any location you visit, as it may be a trap!

Feature Default Hero Ultra Titan Elite Pro
How many /homes can be set 1 3 5 10 20
How many /warps can be set 3 5 15 30 50
Random teleport cost 50 coins 40 coins 30 coins 20 coins 10 coins FREE
Random teleport radius 3000 3000 4000 5000 6000 6000
Random teleport cooldown 1 min 1 min 45 sec 30 sec 15 sec none
Instant Nether/End teleport
Teleport to biome of your choice

Gaining Power

Acquiring power is critical to claim land and expand your faction. Use /f power to check your power level. You can earn power by playing actively on the Factions server, or by killing other players. Power comes in numbers: invite people to your faction so you can combine power together for land claims.

Claiming land with Power

Territory is an essential part of any faction, therefore it's crucial to have just enough to sustain your people. Owners and officers of a faction may claim chunks of land. Claiming land protects from damage and theft, except from another faction at war with you. View a list of nearby claims with /f map, or check the chunk you're standing in with /f checkclaim. To claim the chunk you are currently standing in, use /f claim. It costs power to claim each chunk. A faction is able to claim a number of chunks equal to their total power (made up of the power of its members). You can unclaim a chunk with /f unclaim. When land is claimed, only other factions at war with you are able to grief it.

Earning and spending Coins

Participate in a dynamic economy, where item prices at the /shop fluctuate daily based on supply and demand, and you can only buy and cell a limited amount each day. Get the Ultra rank to shop from anywhere and use the quick sell functionality with /shop qsell. Earn coins to increase your /balance, which you can use to spend on items in an auction, at the shop, place a bounty, or trade with others. Use /baltop to view the highest balances on the server.

Earning Coins

  • Sell items every day at the /shop
  • Join a /job and do its actions
  • Sell items to the /auction
  • Fulfill a /bounty on another player's head
  • Exchange items and money with /trade
  • Receive payment from another player with /pay

Spending Coins

  • Buy items every at the /shop
  • Purchase items for sale in the /auction
  • Place a /bounty on another player's head
  • Exchange items and money with /trade
  • Send payment to another player with /pay
  • Teleport to a random location with /build

Placing bids and selling in the Auction

The /auction is a great place to exchange items of value and maximize your earnings. You can place bids on items up for auction, and if you have the best offer you will receive that item. You can use /auction search [filter] to search for a specific item, or just look at the menu with /auction. To put an item you have up for auction, hold it in your hand and use /auction sell [coins] (quantity). You do not need to specify a quantity, but if you have a stack of items in your hand and only want to sell one, it is a required. Any items you sell that aren't purchased are available to collect with /auction return. View items you're currently selling with /auction selling, past items with /auction sold, and expired items with /auction expired. Cancel all your live auctions with /auction cancel. Donate to list more items up for auction at the same time.

Maximum Simultaneous Auction Listings:
Everyone: 3
Hero: 5
Ultra: 10
Titan: 25
Elite: 50

Put a Bounty on someone's head

When someone wrongs you, make their life a bit more difficult by placing a bounty on their head. When someone has a bounty, you can kill them and earn coins! Type /bounty list to see the current active bounties, and place your own bounty on someone with /bounty set [player] [coins].

Join a Job for extra coins

What do you enjoy doing most in Minecraft? Join a /job to earn money by performing simple tasks like chopping down trees, mining, brewing, and more. Type /jobs browse to see a list of jobs and join them. You can click on a job to learn more about it, and right-click to join that job (or type /jobs join). Jobs with few workers earn the most rewards, while jobs with many workers have to share rewards with more people. You can earn coins from completing an action that your job requires. Each action also earns exp, which allows you to level-up in your job to earn better rewards. Earn coins and exp from killing players regardless of which job you have joined. Earn extra coins and exp from killing a player in your same job. If you want to leave your current job, use /jobs leave [jobs]. There is a 15-minute delay between choosing a new job. If you leave a job and come back to it later, you will take a 30% reduction on your job level. Get the Pro rank to get a 25% boost to Coin earnings.

Maximum Simultaneous Jobs:
Everyone: 1 job
Ultra: 2 jobs
Titan: 3 jobs
Elite: 4 jobs
Job Action
Brewer Earn coins by brewing potions
Builder Earn coins by building structures and placing blocks
Crafter Earn coins by crafting various items and blocks
Digger Earn coins by digging sand, gravel, clay, and dirt
Enchanter Earn coins by enchanting weapons and tools
Explorer Earn coins by walking around a lot of terrain
Farmer Earn coins from farming, breeding, taming, milking, and shearing
Fisherman Earn coins by catching fish
Hunter Earn coins by killing animals and monsters, or taming wolves, ocelots, and horses
Miner Earn coins mining blocks, breaking ores and stone, and using TNT
Weaponsmith Earn coins crafting, smelting, and repairing weapons and tools
Woodcutter Earn coins by chopping down trees

Faction roles and permission

You can be factionless, but if you are in a faction you'll have one of three roles. Use /f role set [player] [role] to change roles of your faction members. Use /f role list to see a list of the different roles in your faction. Get the Titan rank to create custom roles and permissions with /f role create. Customize your role's permissions with /f role setpermission and set the default role for new members with /f role setdefault [role].

  • Member: You can teleport to the faction's home and contribute to faction power
  • Officer: You can invite others to join, change the home, claim land, and kick players
  • Owner: You can promote/demote Officers, change flags, and disband the faction

Wars and alliances

Form strong bonds with other leaders and rise together under a united banner. To declare another faction as your Ally, an owner or officer can use /f ally [faction], and then the other faction will have to do the same to confirm the alliance. If you would like to break your alliance, use /f breakalliance [faction]. To view a list of factions that you are allied and at war with, use /f info. Without war, one cannot achieve prosperity nor glory. To start a war, use /f declarewar [faction]. While at war, you can pillage and grief the other faction's land claim. When the battles and losses are too much to bear, you can make peace with /f makepeace [faction].

Adjust faction flags

The faction leader can control advanced parameters and settings for their faction. Get the Hero rank to be able to control flags like your faction's color, mob protection, and allowing allies to interact with your territory.

Feature Flag Value
When enabled, players in allied factions can interact with land claimed by the faction. alliesCanInteractWithLand true or false
Change the color of your faction on the /f map and the action bar when entering color HEX color value
When enabled, friendly players can hurt each other in your faction (friendly fire). allowFriendlyFire true or false
When enabled, mobs will not be able to destroy your faction land. enableMobProtection true or false

Trading items and coins

To make a deal with another player, type /trade [player]. A trade is a safe environment where you both can place items you want to swap, and specify an amount of coins if you desire. Once both players lock in the trade, the items are moved automatically. If you don't want to receive trade requests, use /tradetoggle. You can also use /pay [player] [amount] to send coins directly.


Welcome to the new games wiki page, this will be update and changed as more games are added and or altered.

Cake Wars

Cake wars is a fun adaptation of bed wars where you need to collect resourses and defend your cake. You can play it safe and stay on your island, which generates bronze, and have limited access to resources, or bridge over to the outer islands to obtain iron. For the best gear you will need to travel to the middle island and fight for the gold. Buy Blocks, amour and more at the shop on each player island. Eat your apponents cake and fight your way to be the last player standing to win.

Murder Mystery

In Murder Mystery, players take on the role of Murderer, Detective or Innocent. The Murderer must be sneaky and try to kill as many people as he can without being caught or killed. The detective and innocents must work together to protect each other and try to figure out who the murderer is.

Compete to have the top wins or top kills and earn some braging rights.


Hardcore Survive in the harsh wilderness with maximum difficulty against 20 unique hostile mobs. If you stay outside during a Blood Moon, you can earn powerful tools but risk dying quickly. If you die, you're locked out for increasing lengths.


Locked Out When You Die

If you die in Hardcore, you'll be locked out of the Hardcore server for increasingly longer durations. You can find out how long you have left on your lockout by typing /hardcore you will still be able to play other isoVerse servers while locked out, just not Hardcore. Stay alive!

Deaths Lockout Duration
1 3 minutes
2 5 minutes
3 10 minutes
4 15 minutes
5 25 minutes
6 40 minutes
7 1 hour
8 1 hour 15 minutes
9 1 hour 30 minutes
10 2 hours
11+ additional 30 minutes for each death

Blood Night

You don't want to be outside during a Blood Night. They happen in a majority of nights (about 60%) and if you're not prepared, you will likely die. You can't sleep to skip these nights. Watch out for hostile mobs, there are some unique ones that show up on Blood Nights listed below.

23 Unique Hostile Mobs

Watch out supercharged monsters like the Blaze Rider, Ender Creeper, Fire Wizard, Invisible Skeleton, Phantom Soul, Toxic Creeper, and more! They are VERY deadly but will drop good loot if you can defeat them.

  • Ender Creeper: A Ender Creeper will teleport to its target. This may be a player in sight or a player which attacked the creeper.
  • Flying Creeper: It's not a plane or a bird. It's a flying creeper!
  • Nervous Powered Creeper: This creeper will explode much faster than a normal creeper. You better keep your distance.
  • Speed Creeper: You probably won't be able to run away from this creeper.
  • Toxic Creeper: When they explode, they emit a toxic gas that will surely hurt.
  • Unstable Creeper: An unstable bomb which will explode after any sort of damage.
  • Fearful Enderman: Applies blindness to its target. This one will show you what true fear is.
  • Toxic Enderman: Toxic on teleport. Try to keep your distance or stop it from teleporting.
  • Fearful Phantom: Even when you're rested these guys won't leave you alone. Face your fears!
  • Fire Phantom: A blaze on top of a phantom. What could go wrong?
  • Phantom Soul: The raw essence of a phantom, which will very likely blind you.
  • Blaze Rider: A spider with a blaze on top. More mobility and fireballs.
  • Speed Skeleton Rider: A skeleton rider, but faster. You don't want this chasing you.
  • Wither Skeleton Rider: A normal skeleton rider is not enough. Stay away.
  • Invisible Skeleton: It will be hard to see this skeleton. He is shy but deadly.
  • Magic Skeleton: Watch out for tipped arrows. You never know what type of arrow will hit.
  • Toxic Slime: Leaves a toxic cloud when they die. Don't breathe it in.
  • Fire Wizard: Rather than potions, this one shoots fireballs. Ouch!
  • Thunder Wizard: He makes Thor look weak with his lightning bolts.
  • Wither Wizard: An endless supply of aggressive wither skulls.
  • Armored Zombie: Once a strong warrior. Now a heavily armored zombie.
  • Invisible Zombie: It will attack you but becomes visible when you hit it.
  • Speed Zombie: A very fast Zombie. Running away is pointless.

Griefing & PvP Allowed

You can grief, steal, and kill other players. Only one /sethome per player, no warps, and hard difficulty on all worlds.


Welcome to SKÅL Esports, where the spirit of the Vikings meets the cutting-edge world of competitive esports. We bring forth a unique approach that encompasses not only exceptional esports teams, but also a steadfast commitment to mental health support and fostering diversity within our community. We draw inspiration from the fearless warriors of the past to fuel our pursuit of greatness in the world of esports.

Beyond the competitive realm, we recognize the crucial role of mental health in the lives of our players. Just as the Vikings understood the significance of strength in both body and mind, we prioritise the well-being of our teams. Our organisation is dedicated to providing comprehensive mental health resources, including access to approved mental health resources, tailored programmes for stress management, and a supportive environment that fosters personal growth and resilience.

Embracing the Viking ethos of exploration and conquest, we champion diversity within our organisation and the wider esports community. We believe that inclusivity is the cornerstone of progress and innovation. We actively seek out talent from all backgrounds, celebrating the rich tapestry of cultures, ethnicities, and identities that make up the esports landscape. By creating a welcoming and inclusive space, we aim to empower individuals to express themselves freely and contribute their unique perspectives to our collective success.

Join us while we embark on a transformative journey that marries the indomitable Viking spirit with the exciting world of esports. Whether you wield a controller, master mouse & keyboard, cheer from the side-lines, or champion the causes of mental health and diversity, our community welcomes you with open arms. Together, we will forge new legends  and build a legacy that echoes through the halls of esports history. Prepare to unleash your inner Viking and seize glory like never before. Skål!

  • To establish a fun and active community.
  • To encourage positive mental health and to act as a support network.
  • Create teams to represent SKÅL Esports over various game titles.
  • To benefit small streamers and grow their communities.
  • To allow our teams to compete in tournaments.
  • Have our community attend various events.
  • Expand and grow the organisation to allow partnership and development.


Discord Stay in the loop, chat with the community, and link your account.


Why should I join the isoVerse Discord server?

Discord is a great place to meet the community and chat in real-time with staff and other players. On Discord you can get the latest announcements and updates, ask for help, and chat on our Minecraft server. Join with our invite link:

How do I link my account?

When you link your Discord account with the Website, your ranks will sync automatically, you can access the server chat channel, and you get a Legendary crate in /rewards. To link your account, follow the steps below. If you need any help, please create a ticket.

  1. Sign up for the isoVerse website
    1. If you don't yet have a linked account on the isoVerse website, use /register [email] in-game to create one.
    2. Check your email and click the link from isoVerse to verify your account
    3. Create a strong password
    4. Click "Log In" to sign into your new account
  2. Link your Discord account
    1. Once logged into the website, click your name in the top-right and choose "Account"
    2. Click "Connections" in the sidebar menu
    3. Click "Connect" next to Discord.
    4. In the green message at the top, you will see a command to run. It starts with /verify and ends with numbers and letters. Copy this entire command, and paste it in the #link channel on our Discord server.
    5. Your account is now linked!


XP & Levels Level-up to earn crates, coupons, level colors, and more.


What is XP?

Your level is the number shown next to your chat messages. Each player starts at level 1, and levels-up by earning XP. Each isoVerse server has unique ways to earn XP, and you can level-up faster if you log in each day. When you level-up, you'll earn crates, level colors, isoVerse store coupons, and XP boosts for everyone online.

Your level

Use /xp to see how much XP you currently have and how much is needed to level-up. Below you have the ability to change your level color. Simply click on a color and your level in chat will be changed to use the color you select. It becomes harder to level-up as you play more, but the rewards are much better for higher levels.

How to earn XP

Log in each day to maximize your rewards:

Claim daily /rewards
Get Pro for extra rewards
Gain /playtime
/vote for isoVerse
Complete /quests in Survival
Level-up your /island in Skyblock
Participate in /contests in Creative
Complete /parkour courses
Find hidden rewards in Hub, Survival, and Skyblock spawns
Unlock duplicate items from /crates
Participate in seasonal events and double XP bonuses
When you or others level-up

Rewards for leveling up

You'll earn a reward every time you level-up. Significant rewards shown below:

Level Reward
8 Store coupon
10 500 XP for everyone
15 White level color
20 Epic disguise crate
25 750 XP for everyone
30 Aqua level color
35 1000 XP for everyone
40 Green level color
43 1250 XP for everyone
45 Epic spell crate
50 Purple level color
55 Epic emoji crate
60 Blue level color
65 1500 XP for everyone
68 Epic trails crate
70 Orange level color
75 Epic pet crate
80 Yellow level color
83 Legendary spell crate
86 Legendary emoji crate
88 Legendary pet crate
90 Red level color
93 Legendary trails crate
95 1500 XP for everyone
97 Legendary disguise crate
100 Black level color


Crates Unlock a random cosmetic item to use throughout isoVerse.


What are crates?

Buy Crates Crates contain a random cosmetic item that you can use on every isoVerse server. Collect crates in many ways and open them with /crates. Crates have four rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Common crates can be easily found, while Legendary crates are very difficult to find.

What rewards do crates give?

Crates will give a completely random cosmetic item. There are five categories of cosmetics: disguises, pets, trails, spells, and emoji. Visit the cosmetics page to learn more about each of them. If you unlock an item that you have already found, you'll receive XP instead.

How to earn Crates

Action Reward
Buy them at our store Common-Legendary
Claim daily /rewards Common-Epic, Legendary crate if you claim rewards every day for 28 days
Get Pro 5 Legendary and 5 Epic crates each month
Gain /playtime Common-Rare, Epic after 12 hours
/vote for isoVerse Common for voting on all sites; Legendary, Epic, Rare for being the top 1, 2, 3 voters of the month
/link your Discord account Epic
Participate in /contests in Creative Legendary crate for first place, various rewards for other places and participation
Complete /parkour courses Common-Legendary depending on course difficulty
Leveling up Common-Legendary depending on level
Find hidden rewards in Hub, Survival, and Skyblock spawns Common for first reward, Epic or Legendary for finding all of them
Complete each server's /tutorial Rare-Epic
Participate in seasonal events


CosmeticsColorful and fun items that make your isoVerse experience magical.


What are cosmetics?

Opening a crate will unlock a random cosmetic item that matches the rarity and category of the crate you opened. There are dozens of items to find within each rarity of each category of crate. Each cosmetic category has things that make it unique. The color of the cosmetic corresponds to its rarity.


Activate a disguise to turn yourself into any mob that you've unlocked. Type /d to view a list of disguises that are available, and type /d [mob] to disguise as one. Type /u to remove your active disguise. As an Ultra+ you can type /dvs (disguise view self) to toggle viewing your own disguise as you walk around. While disguised your action bar will notify you. If you've unlocked a baby disguise, use /d [mob] baby to use it. If you've unlocked a powered creeper, use /d creeper setPowered true to use it.


Enable a trail to have particles follow you around isoVerse. Type /trails to open the menu where you can choose and customize your trail. You can click on your head to toggle trail visibility for yourself, which will hide all trails on only your screen.

  • Top row: Active Trails (blaze powder): Click to view each active trail you have. You can click on a trail to edit its properties, click on the book to add an additional trail, or click on the barrier to remove all active trails. Want to use more than one trail at once? Upgrade your rank.
  • Top row: Trail Groups (chest and ender chest): Have a specific set of trails active that you want to save for later? Create a trail group to apply these same trails with one click. Donate to use this feature, and upgrade your rank to save more trail groups.
  • Bottom row: Activating trail effect, style, and data: Use these three options to edit your primary active trail. Unless you have multiple trails at once, this is an easy place to edit your trail settings:
  1. Effect: This is the look and design of the trail, including the particles used and colors of the effects. There are 77 different effects you can unlock by opening crates.
  2. Style: This is the way the particles move around you. Some styles only happen on certain events, like arrows, block break, block place, death, hurt, move, and swords. The other styles are applied all the time. Unlock styles with crates crates (excluding common). All players receive the normal style initially.
  3. Data: Some effects have different colors, block material, items, note block color, or vibration. Exclusively for Pro, customizing the data of your trail allows you make your trails even more unique and personalized. Pro subscribers unlock the block, dust, dust color transition, entity effect, falling dust, item, and note trail effects which all have customizable data.


A friendly mob that accompanies you around isoVerse. you can get pets by collecting crates. Common and Rare pet crates contain simple mobs, Epic and Legendary crates contain unique mobs. Type /pets to see the pets you have unlocked, then click into a category, and finally click on the pet to activate. If you have the Ultra+ rank, you can rename your pet with /pet rename [name].


Type /gadgets to activate a wide range of your collected gadgets including fun & games, mobs & NPCs, musical, projectile, visual, and movement-related items. Each gadget is unique and can only be used in the Hub and the /spawn of most servers. Click on a gadget to load it up, then use the click in your inventory to activate it. Once unlocked, you can use gadgets as many times as you like, with a cooldown between uses. Get the Pro rank to have a faster cooldown!


Equip each component of a /suit to gain a special effect while in an isoVerse spawn or the Hub. Become a frog, speedster, ice walker, necromancer, and more. You must collect all four pieces of the suit to achieve its special effect.


Collect all of the /hats to wear and show different emotions, wear a hamburger on your head, or the head of another mob. Get the Pro rank to unlock exclusive Animated Hats like a police siren, cookie head, rainbow slime, and rainbow block.


Add some sparkle to your chat messages with emoji. Type /emoji to view a list of emoji you have unlocked, and click on one to use it. Each emoji can be typed in chat using an exclamation mark followed by the name of the emoji. For example, to insert a heart into your sentence, type "I !heart you" which will appear as: "I ♥ you".


Add a bit of magic to your conversations and interactions with other players with /spells. These cosmetics are unique because they are consumable, and you unlock three at a time instead of one. Using a spell will broadcast a message and perform an action on either yourself, a specified player, or everyone on isoVerse. You can use a spell every 5 minutes, or get the Pro rank to wait only 1 minute. Note that spells can be used on every server, but the effects of some spells are limited to specific servers. For example, you will not receive /fly mode on Cake Wars or Parkour, since that would allow you to cheat. You can /slap another player and the message will display, but if they are on Cake Wars they will not be knocked back. When you activate spells that affect everyone, they only instantly affect people on the server they are on. So if someone activates /god mode, you will not receive invincibility if you switch to another server (and you will not receive invincibility in Cake Wars regardless). Each spell has its own command:

Spell Rarity Affects Command Description
Hug Common Player /hug [player] Hug another player and give them regeneration for 1 minute
Roll Eyes Common You /rolleyes Let the sarcasm flow and roll your eyes.
LOL Common You /lol Laugh out loud at something funny.
Stare Common Player /stare [player] Stare intensely at someone.
Dance Common You /dance Break out in a variety of dance styles.
Scuba Common Everyone /scuba Activate an underwater breathing apparatus for everyone. Applies potion of water breathing to everyone for 3 minutes.
Leap Common Everyone /leap Borrow some frog lets to jump very high. Applies potion of leaping to everyone for 3 minutes.
Firework Common You /firework Launch a fancy firework show from your location. An announcement is made and then the show starts shortly after.
Rocket Rare You /rocket Launch yourself high up into the skies.
Luck Rare You /luck Everything you do becomes luckier. Applies potion of luck for 3 minutes.
Frost Rare Player /frost [player] Make someone shiver and float up in the air.
Cry Rare You /cry Sob uncontrollably and let the tears flow.
Heal Rare Everyone /heal Replenish the health and hunger of everyone online.
Kiss Rare Player /kiss [player] Give someone a nice smooch. Applies potion of regeneration to them.
Blaze Rare Player /blaze [player] Ignite a fire underneath someone's feet.
Strength Rare Everyone /strength Give everyone a potion of strength for 3 minutes.
Quicksand Rare Player /quicksand [player] Make someone very slow for a bit. Applies potion of slowness.
Vision Rare Everyone /vision Give everyone night vision for 3 minutes.
Smite Epic Player /smite [player] Strike a lightning effect at another player.
Blind Epic Player /blind [player] Curse another player with brief blindness.
Umbrella Epic Everyone /umbrella Stop the bad weather in the world you're currently in.
Slap Epic Player /slap [player] Slap another player across their face, knocking them back a bit.
Taunt Epic Player /taunt [player] Provoke and tease someone scared to fight you.
XP Booster Epic Everyone /xpbooster Give everyone double isoVerse XP for 10 minutes.
Survival Money Booster Epic Everyone /moneybooster Everyone earns more money at the Survival shop for 10 minutes.
Throw Epic Player /throw [player] Throw someone into the ground.
Fly Legendary Everyone /fly Give everyone the power of flight for 3 minutes.
God Legendary Everyone /god Make everyone invincible to all damage for 3 minutes.
Punch Legendary Player /punch [player] Knock someone in the face so hard they fly up into the air.
Me Legendary You /me [message] Say a message in third person.

Skin change

Change your skin whenever you want with the Pro rank. Choose any player whose skin you'd like to copy and use /skin [player]. Use /skin clear to restore your skin back to normal. Change your skin to a custom image or base64 file with /skin url [URL]. When inserting the URL, you will want to find the image link rather than just the URL of the website where you're viewing the skin.

Morphs & Banners

Unlock /morphs and /banners when you attend official isoVerse events. Banners are usually given to attendees and morphs are given to winners of competitions. Usually you will win an exclusive banner that is unique to that event, so make sure to stay updated on our Website and Discord for the latest events!


Wear an /emote on your head to show some animated emotion. All of your favorite emoji that you use online is now coming right to your Minecraft character! Each hat animates and looks really fun from the perspective of other players.


For Parents isoVerse is a community of friendly people and we welcome everyone, but have high expectations for our players and require that they follow our rules.


What is isoVerse?

We are a Minecraft Server where players can join and have fun! We have six fun servers, a dedicated staff team, and a friendly community. There is a social aspect of working with friends to build a house, chop down trees, and isoVerse is a great place to meet friends.

Is the server safe for everyone?

We have players of all ages and our team works hard to ensure our server is fun and safe for everyone. Our staff team works diligently to ensure that players follow our rules and policies and issue punishments or infractions to correct behavior contrary to our rules. Those that misbehave are prevented from chatting and/or permanently banned from the entire network. You can use the /report [player] command in our Minecraft server (IP: if other players are breaking our rules, or report them online at our website. The server is not constantly monitored by our Moderation team, but we do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

We enforce our rules strictly. Minor offenses for non-inappropriate behavior may only receive a warning before being punished, especially when a rule is broken by accident, with the expectation that that was their last chance. Any inappropriate, vulgar, defamatory, or hostile language is forbidden. Our chat filter is highly effective and many times can instantly mute or ban someone using inappropriate language. 

For additional information if you're worried about mental health and wellness, please visit this page.

What are donations used for? Are payments secure?

When purchasing a rank or purchasing another item from the store, you can receive perks and simultaneously help keep isoVerse running. We rely on store purchases to keep the servers online and updated. Anything above our operating expenses is put back into the server to help it grow. We use monetary funds for server hosting, databases, backups, security, development, research, and very occasionally supporting projects that we use.
All payments made to isoVerse are secure at industry-standard levels. Our payment processor is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant and isoVerse never sees your payment information.

How can I get more information or speak to a staff member?

Browse this wiki to learn more about our server. You can also send a direct message to the Owner via the website or Discord.


Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Please find our statement below from the staff team regarding mental health and the support that is available. 

We all love adventuring in Minecraft, building epic creations, and hanging out with fellow minecrafter's. But just like any big project, sometimes we hit unexpected challenges. And guess what? That's okay! Just like any adventurer needs a good sword and shield, we all need to take care of our mental health to keep exploring and building at our best.

Here's the deal:

This server is your friendly neighbourhood diamond mine. We want isoVerse to be a safe and inclusive space where everyone feels welcome and respected. If you ever experience negativity or bullying, please don't mine for solutions alone! Report it to our staff – we're here to pickaxe away any negativity and keep things friendly. Just remember, this server is open to adventurers of all ages, so keep things positive and avoid sensitive topics in general chat.

Your well-being is golden. Taking care of yourself is super important, even if it means taking a break from epic builds or slaying creepers. Remember to prioritize real-life responsibilities, find healthy ways to cope with stress, and don't be afraid to step away and recharge. This server will always be here, but your mental health is your most valuable treasure.

There's a map to help you navigate. If you're feeling lost or need extra support, remember there are amazing resources available. You can reach out to mental health professionals, hotlines, or online communities dedicated to helping people just like you. We can't offer professional help ourselves, but we're happy to point you in the right direction.

Here are some helpful websites and hotlines, like potions for your mental health:

For immediate assistance, consider reaching out to mental health helplines in your country. Here are some helplines from major countries:

  • United States: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)
  • United Kingdom: Samaritans - 116 123
  • Australia: Lifeline - 13 11 14
  • Canada: Crisis Services Canada - 1-833-456-4566

Can't find a number or website for your country? Check here:

(Please note that anonymity will be disclosed upon reaching out to services)Remember, even the strongest fortresses started as a single block. By working together and taking care of ourselves, we can build a truly supportive and awesome community on isoVerse. So keep exploring, keep building, and most importantly, keep taking care of yourselves!

With support,

The isoVerse Adminstrative Team

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