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Infraction Appeal

Important! Read this information first

Read the ENTIRE appeal several times before you start.

Were you banned or muted?
If you broke a rule and received a ban (unable to join isoVerse) or mute (unable to send chat messages) then you can appeal it here. By submitting an appeal, you are asking our staff team to review the infraction and potentially reverse it, if you meet certain criteria.

  • If you are guilty: This is the most common reason to appeal. Infractions are rarely issued by mistake. You broke the rules and this appeal is a chance for you to explain what you did wrong, and why you learned your lesson and will not do it again. Being honest and admitting guilt is ALWAYS better than lying and claiming innocence.
  • If you are innocent: Do you believe confidently that you did not break any rules? Have you thoroughly reviewed the rules and determined that you should not have received an infraction? Did someone use your account without your permission? Let us know why.

Appeal tips
You only get one chance, so here are some tips to make sure your appeal is not rejected:

  • Use proper spelling and grammar, present yourself professionally
  • If you did break the rules, be honest and explain the situation truthfully
  • Demonstrate that you know our rules and will follow them in the future
  • You can only submit one appeal, so make sure it is thorough and complete
  • You can only appeal bans and mutes, not warnings
  • Sign up and log into your account to get updates on your appeal
  • Even if your appeal is accepted, the infraction may still show on your /history
  • We may request more information while processing your appeal, so be responsive and check back often