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Contest Winners!
3 days ago

Contest Winners!

Well done to everyone who has taken part in this months contest, all the builds look great! But it's time to announce the winners. 

3rd place  - @FlokiDaKat (1000xp, $1000 survival money and 2x Epic crates of your choice) 

2nd place - @GrannySue (2000xp, $2000 survival money and a legendary create of your choice)

Hardcore Launch & 2023 Update
17 days ago

Introducing isoVerse's latest 💀 HARDCORE server and a bunch of other massive updates!

New Hub

With new servers comes a bigger hub! Find 50 hidden rewards and check out the beautiful landscape. Thank you to @squdi and @birda for designing it.

Parkour Update

Play over a DOZEN new courses 🆕 and enjoy a redesigned spawn courtesy of @Blacktane! Win lots of Epic and Legendary crates and set new high scores.

Cake Wars is Back

On the new /games server, play Cake Wars, back in its fo...

Build a Train Station!
about 1 month ago

Build a Train Station! 

Let's get on track for a new year on isoVerse with our first creative contest: Build a train station! 

To enter the contest, build your submission on a normal 99x99 creative plot then type /contest submit at the entrance to your build. You can build your train station how you like as long as it's within the 99x99 size limit. Redstone is allowed to be used in your builds. 🚂

Up for a challenge?

At the end of most contests we will be holding a fun event, this month we plan to do hide and seek on some of the best builds! Hidin...

New Partnership with Skål Esports
about 1 month ago

We are excited to introduce a new partnership with Skål Esports! They are expanding into Minecraft and needed a server to call home. We now have set up the  /skal  server where they will build and stream. Soon this server will be open to the public to view what they are doing and follow along.

For now, please give them a warm welcome if you see them online, and thanks to TheCaesar_, codenameJess, and AceAn...

Read First Welcome to the new isoVerse website!
about 1 month ago

isoVerse has a new website!

Welcome to the new home for the isoVerse website. This site provides a new way to interact with the community and has a ton of great features. Read below for more information:


A highlight of t...

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