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What do you like about isoVerse? What do you want to see in the future? Let us know your thoughts and win a free LEGENDARY crate! Visit to participate.

🎭May Contest: Build A Theatre🎭
about 1 month ago

🎭 Theatre Contest - May 🎭


For this month we would like to ask you to participate in our new building theatre contest. Build the best and the most detailed odium to put on a great show for the folks. Make sure everything is in top perfection! Make a show with anything you have! Whatever is in your inventory, make it a fun experience!

Cake Wars Tournament
about 1 month ago

🍰 isoVerse Cake Wars Tournament 🍰

Spread the joy and celebrate the event with the isoVerse community!

Join us 24 April 15:00 UTC


⚠️ Everyone who attends the party will receive an exclusive Banner. This is the only time you can unlock it /banner ⚠


Easter Party
about 1 month ago


Celebrate the spring season with the isoVerse community!

📆  Join us

April Contest: Build A Rollercoaster!
about 1 month ago

NEW CONTEST: Build a Roller Coaster 🎢

During the month of April, build a fun minecart track and go for a joy ride in your contest submission.

Easter Update
about 1 month ago

EASTER UPDATE: Spring has sprung, and our Easter update is here! 

For the month of April, join us on isoVerse for an exciting Egg Hunt, new Infinite Parkour mode, Easter party, and a Rollercoaster Contest!

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