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Spaceship Contest - April 2024
3 months ago

Build a Spaceship as big or as small as you want, build a hanger for fighter aircraft to defend your ship in hostile territory. Get Creative. Build in your favourite style and impress the isoVerse Community with your talent.

April Contest 2024 Spaceship


Dates to Remember:

Now: You can start building

Floating Island Contest - February 2024
6 months ago

Contests are back, and we are starting the new year off with an exciting one. Start building now.


Floating Island Contest

Build yourself a Floating Island with a quaint house upon it.  Be in the chance of winning big this month - get creative. Show your amazing skills off to the entire isoVerse Community.

Dates to Remember:

Now: You can start building

February 1st: You can submit your entry using

November Contest
8 months ago

It's beginning to look a lot like...

In November, we are doing a single contest. You can start building now, and submit your entry starting November 1st. Start voting for your favourite entry on November 24th.


  🎄Christmas Tree Building Contest🎄 

Build a CHRISTMAS TREE and have the chance of it being displayed in the December Hub. You can hide presents inside, and fill the trunk of the tree with hidden features - get creative. Show off you skills to the entire community.


Ancient Temple Contest - October 2023
9 months ago

n October, we are doing a single contest. You can start building now, and submit your entry starting October 1st. Start voting for your favourite entries on October 24th.


 🛕 Ancient Temple Building Contest 🛕 

Construct a forest full of secrets. Build an ANCIENT TEMPLE and create hidden traps. You can spawn animals to bring your temple to life - get creative! Show off your ancient building to the entire Minecraft community, and become the ultimate temple architect in the virtual world.

Important Dates

NOW: You can ...

Halloween Update
9 months ago

Our Halloween Update is here... and it's a spooky one! 🎃 


Join us for a month of scary & haunted fun. Participate in our games, events, contests, and rewards to earn 🧧Legendary crates and 🎟️Drop Party Tickets

- New Reaper's Revenge minigame in the Hub. Test your skills dodging anvils and avoiding the falling TNT & Creepers. Collect potions and survive to earn rewards. Type /reaper to play.

- New Haunted Rewards which you can claim each day. If you miss a day, you won't lose your streak, but if you collect all 25 rewards during the month y...

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