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about 1 year ago
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about 1 year ago

I'm using this pic for my inspiration.  I grew up in a town that began in the Victorian era and so our local train stations were of a similar style.  This is the Appleby Railway station.  I hope I do it justice!

about 1 year ago

Are you entering our contest this month?  What's your inspiration?

about 1 year ago
How did you come up with your username?

erm... my name is Sue and I'm a Granny?


about 1 year ago


about 1 year ago
The one and only…

Hi, I’m GrannySue.  I have three amazing children and three amazing grandchildren.

I was introduced to Minecraft by my son in 2011 and joined Cobalt around 2014.  I’ve always loved the community here, the hard work and dedication of the staff and Joshwenke (our leader, mentor and the owner).

These days I head up the build team.  I’m not the best builder but I believe I’m good at organising, motivating and encouraging.  We have some exciting things planned and are always on the lookout for creative people to join our team.

Don’t forget to say hi if you see me online.