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Custom enchantment plugin

CrafterBUILDY CrafterBUILDY: about 1 month ago

Make custom enchantment books that you can get from enchanting books, enchanting from enchanting tables, on tools or armour.



CrafterBUILDY CrafterBUILDY: about 1 month ago

also this idea was first suggested by ImAlsoGus

joshwenke joshwenke: about 1 month ago

In order for this to be accepted, we would need a very detailed plan of how this enchantment plugin will work. List the enchantments, their names, their features, their rarity, which items they can apply to, and what they do. Alternatively you can find an up-to-date and high quality plugin to accomplish this, preferably open source and customizable.

CrafterBUILDY CrafterBUILDY: about 1 month ago

you can make the ENCHs and maybe ill give u some ideas. Vein mining, ench levels 1-3. mines a certain type of block that is mined from the epicentre, a 1 more block radius in a sphere. vein mining 2 increases that by 1. 3 increases that by another 1.

GrannySue GrannySue: about 1 month ago

We still need a lot more info. What kind of enchantments would you like? How powerful would they be? How much would they cost etc

Dirty_s15 Dirty_s15: 22 days ago

Hi CrafterBUILDY, you can suggest some enchants that you might be interested in like Granny said and/or you can also try find some examples of already made plugins/mods that we might be able to implement.

We want to avoid over powering enchants regardless of cost as it can take a toll on the legitimacy of resource gathering. Most mods and plugins found online aren't overpowered so maybe if you don't have suggestions immediately available to you, you could find a plugin/mod that already has some of these types of additional enchants and we can review them :)

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