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isoVerse Anniversary Special Contest
Started by CaptinServers



28 Dec 2022
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03 Apr 2024

isoVerse Anniversary Special!

For the month of September, you will have 2 contest opportunities! You can choose to participate in one, or both! The building starts now.


🏙️ Theme Park Map Contest 🏙️ 

Have Fun! Make a theme park to celebrate isoVerse 2nd anniversary with fun rides, eye-catching attractions and exciting activities! Make sure to make everything look thrilling, so players can visit and celebrate all together!


🏝☁️ Floating Island Contest🏝☁️ 

Make sure not to fall! Make a floating island, where you can place anything on it! To a futuristic city, to a restaurant! Make it as big as you like, and make it full of imagination and creativity! Place builds all around so players can see what you made! Make sure to add your decorations for isoVerse's 2nd Birthday!

How to Enter

1. Type /contest world to teleport to the huge Contest world!

2. You will automatically be teleported to a plot. It is a huge area where you can build as big as you can!

4. Use /plot home Contest to return to your home in this world. You can also /plot list and see options to filter by your list, other worlds, players, etc.

3. For when your done, run /contest submit. Don't run this command until your build is at its final location, you can not change submitted locations.


How To Vote

In Creative, type the command /contest list. Here you will see the list of submissions, on the 25th till 30th, you may vote for your favourite build.



- Now through September 25: Start building

- September 25-30: Voting Start

- September 30: Submissions close, winning maps selected shortly afterwards



Each contest will have its own set of winners. We will have TWO winners this month (September)!

-🥇 Most Votes: 5000xp, $10,000 Survival money, 1x Boosted Drop Party ticket, 1× Standard Drop Party Ticket

-🥈 Staff Favorite: 8× Legendary crates of your choice

-🏅 All Participants: 1× Standard Drop Party Ticket



- Friends can help on your map, but only the submitter may get a reward.

- Winning arena selection is up to the discretion of the staff team.

- You can NOT enter an arena that has been built in the past. You must enter a new arena to participate in this contest. Block placement dates will be checked.

- Use minimal redstone, if any. The game mechanics should be handled by our plugins, not redstone contraptions. Any redstone must be purely cosmetic.


While in the Contest world, everyone has FULL WorldEdit perks on their plot!  Use /pos to check your location.


Goodluck, the contest starts now!

Step into a world of endless excitement, here in isoVerse

CaptinServers · 10 months ago