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Three Fun Events!
Started by CaptinServers



28 Dec 2022
Last Seen
03 Apr 2024

During the month of July we will have THREE fun events for you! Be sure to attend each one to meet others in the community, play fun games, and earn exclusive rewards. Prizes may include Drop Party tickets, Legendary crates, banners, morphs, Survival/Skyblock cash, and more. Each event will have a Drop Party too!


🏗Mini Building Challenge & Drop Party

You will be given a theme, and have several minutes to build a creation that matches the theme. At the end of each round, everyone gets to vote for their favorite.


🎂   Cake Wars and King of the Ladder Battle & Drop Party

Join us for a couple rounds of Cake Wars to warm up your gaming skills, and then play King of the Ladder to determine who the true king is!


👑 Treasure Hunt & Contest Voting

Spawn on a desert island and find loot. Be quick - you are stranded with other players who also want loot! Upgrade your tools to be able to open some hidden areas, and find rewards. The winner gets a Drop Party ticket!

We will also start voting on the 25th live! Be sure to tune in, and submit your vote early for a prize.

Step into a world of endless excitement, here in isoVerse

CaptinServers · 10 months ago · Last edited: 10 months ago