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April Contest: Build A Rollercoaster!
Started by Blacktane



Mod Pro Elite
13 Dec 2022
Last Seen
17 Apr 2024

NEW CONTEST: Build a Roller Coaster 🎢

During the month of April, build a fun minecart track and go for a joy ride in your contest submission.

We'll be giving out huge rewards this month and riding on your coasters live on our community events!


Prizes 🎁 Everyone who enters will win 5 Legendary Crates and the chance for their coaster to be used on isoVerse 🥇 Winner of each category: 1 week of @Pro + 1 additional Creative Plot + 8 Legendary & Epic crates 🥈 Runner-up of each category: 8 Legendary crates


Categories For this contest, your coaster will be rated on three characteristics! You can focus your designs on one category, or shoot for all three. In each category, there will be a first and second place prize!

1️⃣ Best Coaster Ride – We're looking for the coolest track here. Cool turns, jumps, hills, and other course features will make your entry stand out.

2️⃣ Most Creative Environment – The surroundings to a roller coaster are important! Build the best designs around your track to win this category.

3️⃣ Longest Coaster – Don't just make it repetitive. Have the most track, and also the most thrilling ride. A boring coaster will not win here!


How to Enter 1. Visit our /creative server 2. At your /plot home, build a roller coaster. If you don't have room, consider making a platform high in the sky or underneath the plot. 3. When you have decided on where the entrance to your coaster should be, stand at that location and type /contest submit


Rules - Be creative! The best entries have a unique character and you should let your imagination run wild! - Work with friends! Team up to build the best roller coaster. Only the person who submits the entry will win prizes, however.


Dates This contest runs for the month of April 2023. You can start submitting entries on April 1, and the winner will be announced on April 30. Good luck!


Blacktane · about 1 year ago · Last edited: about 1 year ago


28 Dec 2022
Last Seen
03 Apr 2024

Well done to everyone who has taken part in this month's contest, both the builds look great! But it's time to announce the two winners 🏅 

1st place 🥇  - @CaptinServers & @Twiglet with both 2 votes! (A choice of a month of Pro • +1 Creative plot • 5 legendary crates of your choice • Access to the head database • Get your build moved to Survival for free (Not including chests or unreasonable items) or • $25,000 survival money.) 

Make a Ticket to claim your rewards!

New contest information will be announced tomorrow!

Step into a world of endless excitement, here in isoVerse

CaptinServers · about 1 year ago