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Better claim system and claim overlay and settings

CrafterBUILDY CrafterBUILDY: 3 months ago

Make claiming better by having 4 claim modes: Chunk-by-Chunk claim, Zone Claim, Chunk-by-Chunk Remove, Zone Remove. Type a command and get a GUI about the claims you own (an overlay of your claims, or a map) and click one of your claims to adjust its settings such as whether people can access the chests or build/destroy in the claim. Thanks



ImAlsoGus ImAlsoGus: 2 months ago

This might take some coding, unless there's a plugin that already does it. And if there is a plugin that already does it, the changeover may be difficult I don't know.

joshwenke joshwenke: about 1 month ago

In order for this to be accepted, we would need a very detailed plan of how this plugin will work. Commands, permissions, features, settings, perks, how the overlay would look/work, etc. Alternatively you can find an up-to-date and high quality plugin to accomplish this, preferably open source and customizable.

joshwenke joshwenke: about 1 month ago

Additional information has been merged from CrafterBUILDY from suggestion #90

make it so you can have more claim flags such as Claim difficulty.
default server diff is Normal so with no ranks, you can only use Normal or Hard mode in the claim. with Ultra or above you can use Easy too. with PRO, you can use peaceful. also add a flag where outsiders can use buttons or levers or redstone.
also make it so you can claim in the nether or end and when it regenerates the unclaimed land resets but the claim is intact.
i really want to make nether and end farms

CrafterBUILDY CrafterBUILDY: about 1 month ago

just chuck in some extra flags in the /claimflags command and make a new interface for it. also revamp the system

joshwenke joshwenke: about 1 month ago

Which extra flags? What should the new interface look like? What do you mean by "revamp the system"? This kind of change will need several paragraphs of detailed information. Without more info, the suggestion will be closed.

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