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Custom structures and mobs.

.Wisegame15 .Wisegame15: 9 months ago

survival is like lacking in difficulty after you beat the e-drag or get netherite, so I think a few custom mobs and even bosses (such as giant mobs with op attacks or just straight up coded boss fights) could spice things up. There could also be revamped structures, such as dungeons with more traps and spawners, or a Stronghold that has been raided by the nether, leaving lava behind.



Vertanzil Vertanzil: 6 months ago

Closing this as its not got enough community support.

CrafterBUILDY CrafterBUILDY: 6 months ago

I like it, maybe there could be custom bosses and structures

joshwenke joshwenke: 5 months ago

In order for this to be accepted, we would need a very detailed plan of how this plugin will work. Commands, permissions, features, settings, perks, how the custom mobs would work, what abilities they have, what their names are, how to find/fight them, what kinds of traps/spawners there should be. Alternatively you can find an up-to-date and high quality plugin to accomplish this, preferably open source and customizable.

We would need at least a couple pages of written ideas to able to move forward with a complex idea like this.

Dirty_s15 Dirty_s15: 4 months ago

Just following this up,

Can we get some more info/suggestions @CrafterBUILDY or @.Wisegame15

We will close this if we cannot get a response in 5 days