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Survival Dungeons

WoltranR WoltranR: about 1 year ago

"Survival Dungeons" is a survival exlusive game in which players go against hordes of enemies, work together to solve puzzles, and beat a boss at the end of each dungeon for epic loots! The loots are dungeon exlusive, either can only be found in dungeons or hard to obtain in normal survival. The higher the level is, the better loots there are!
There are 4 different levels: (1) easy, (2) medium, (3) hard, and the hardest (4) doom.
And here is the possible list of loots for each level:

-For easy: Random common crates, food, wooden/stone tools, up to 10 xp orbs, and 100 IsoVerse XP

- For medium: Random rare crates, random animal spawn eggs, iron/gold tools, discs, tridents, up to 50 xp orbs, and 250 IsoVerse XP

- For hard: Random epic crates, random enchanted books, diamonds, player heads, elytra, totem of undying, random potions, up to 75 xp orbs, and 400 IsoVerse XP

-For doom: Random creates, etherite ingots and tools, diamonds and diamond tools, beacon, smithing templates, random mob spawner, random mob eggs, up to 550 xp orbs and 700 IsoVerse XP




joshwenke joshwenke: 11 months ago

Community support achieved!

We'd love to add this as an official Minigame at isoVerse. For that to happen, we would need a couple arenas created (in Creative or the builder world) and then some additional details of the game itself. For example, a list of puzzles and how they will be solved. What the bosses are called and what mobs they are, and what special properties they have. The instructions would need to be very specific, and include difficulty modifiers, specific amounts of damage that can be applied/received and the tools/armor that the players/monsters/bosses can have. When we have this in-depth detail, and some arenas/dungeons, we will proceed with development. Set to "Need More Info" for now.