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Money/Bank Interest and rewards

Dirty_s15 Dirty_s15: 22 days ago

I've been giving some thought to ways we can enhance our in-game economy and create additional incentives for our players. I'd like to propose the introduction of an interest system for our in-game currency.

Currently, our server operates on a fixed income model, allowing players to sell items to NPCs up to four times a day and also between players on resources we gather ourselves on /shop. While this provides a steady source of income, it can be somewhat limiting. To add an extra layer of rewards for our dedicated players, I suggest implementing an interest system for the in-game currency.

How the Interest System Would Work:

Players would receive a daily interest rate on the money they hold in their in-game account.

Logging in every day would grant a base interest rate.

Consecutive logins without being AFK for at least an hour would increase the interest rate, with a cap at [5% or 10%] after consistent daily logins.

The interest rate could be tiered, increasing gradually with each consecutive login (once per day), rewarding players for their loyalty to the server. e.g. start at 1%, next day 2% third day 3% etc up to 5/10%. If you fail to login for 1 or two days it resets back to 1%

Potential Benefits:
Player Retention: The interest system would provide an extra incentive for players to log in regularly, boosting player engagement and retention.

Economic Diversity: With an additional way to earn money, players can explore different in-game activities and contribute to a more dynamic server economy.


To maintain a balanced economy and prevent potential abuse, it's crucial to set reasonable limits on the interest rate, ensuring that it adds value without disrupting the overall game balance.

Alternative Option: Daily Login Rewards

If the interest system seems too complex or if we're looking for a more straightforward approach, we could consider implementing a daily login reward system. Players who log in consecutively would receive a progressively increasing amount of in-game currency as a bonus. For example, on the first day, a player could receive $100 after an hour of gameplay, with the reward going up $100 dollars each subsequent day up to a certain cap, say on the fifth or tenth day. This provides a clear and simple incentive for players to log in consistently and actively participate in the server, offering a tangible reward for their dedication.



ImAlsoGus ImAlsoGus: 5 days ago

I've never seen an interest payout system that doesn't turn money into nonsense. Interest pumps more money into the economy... because there is already a lot of money. And then it happens again. And again.

Right now the economy is already balanced toward building *small* farms, not giant ones, and selling to the traders. And yet very few are building even those small farms. I know, because if they were, more people would be as rich as I am.

Interest would make me even richer, but I don't think it's a good idea for the economy long term.

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