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SimpleVoiceChat support [Entire Server]

TheDuck333 TheDuck333: 28 days ago

I think having simple voice chat on the server would be useful because it would just be convenient to simply talk instead of typing in chat. Plus, talking generally can carry more meaning than just a sentence.



Blacktane Blacktane: 25 days ago

This is something that we would need a detailed plan on, which plugin to get and this would all depend on if the community would like this to be added. More Information Needed

TheDuck333 TheDuck333: 23 days ago

I literally meant the SimpleVoiceChat plugin ( If you need anymore info plz let me know.

Dirty_s15 Dirty_s15: 22 days ago

we need to consider the potential challenges it may bring to our family-friendly Minecraft server.

One concern is the ability to administer and monitor voice communication effectively. As of my understanding from the forum discussions, it's not clear whether server mute options are available for staff. This could lead to an increased risk of negative spamming or audio pollution without the ability to take immediate action.

Our server prioritizes a family-friendly environment, and maintaining this atmosphere is crucial. Unlike text chat, voice communication might be harder to monitor closely, and without the ability to server mute, we could face challenges in addressing inappropriate behavior promptly.

We need to carefully evaluate the potential impact on the server's environment and ensure that any new features align with our commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all players.

TheDuck333 TheDuck333: 22 days ago

I do understand that issue, my guess is that someone had a similar issue and made a fork of it. If I knew Java I would make a fork myself but I don’t know Java.

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