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A random post v2
Started by CaptinServers



28 Dec 2022
Last Seen
25 Feb 2024

In my last randomly random post, I randomly talk about some randomness that is very random, anyway due to the randomness information of the random post I randomly made, I have randomly made another random post but somehow randomly better! Its random on how everytime I randomly type, I find the word random very randomly random, You should randomly try this for yourself, its very random but makes you think on if your randomly guessing if your random words are actually random, anyway just try this random post out, see if random is more random then it used to be (hope its more random) and dont be like josh, who randomly post ransom not random, that is randomly random but oh well, this is randomly confusing, is random a word now, and why is it randomly confusing? "Very random I say" - My random mind

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CaptinServers · 3 months ago