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Vote for isoVerse and get rewarded

Each vote gives you 100 isoVerse XP and a vote point. You can spend vote points on various rewards and prizes.
Be the top voter in a month and win a Legendary crate! Second-best gets Epic, and third-best gets Rare.
If you vote on all 20 sites in one day, you have a 50% chance of earning an Epic crate.
Each vote on Crafty awards a Rare crate. Sometimes certain sites will have a limited time bonus prize.

Submitting a vote takes only a few seconds. Just click the link to visit the voting site, enter your Minecraft username, and submit. You may have to solve a CAPTCHA or check a box. It helps isoVerse spread the word about our server, and gives you perks in return for helping us.

Type /vote while on isoVerse to spend your vote points, see when you can vote next, and view the leaderboards.

Having trouble? Make sure to enter your Minecraft username exactly, with capitalization. You can create a /ticket in-game, in Discord, or on the website.