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Skyblock upgrade/creation rework

.Wisegame15 .Wisegame15: about 1 month ago

/is create would NOW allow you to choose between 4 starting islands (or 2 more if you have ultra/elite)

/is upgrades would display 4 simpler upgrades, alongside a new island that can be unlocked with the “island expansion” tier 3 upgrade.

(This would pick between 13 different islands, in 5 sets of rarities, that contain one smithing tablet type.)
(These islands would also be guarded, based on rarity, with higher rarities even contains bosses)
(This is for every smithing tablet in the game minus the ones obtained from archaeology) (Watch this for more info)



Vertanzil Vertanzil: about 1 month ago

I like this idea i am going to add it to my list for Skyblock.