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Read First Welcome to the new isoVerse website!
Started by joshwenke



Owner Dev
22 Sep 2022
Last Seen
01 Jun 2023

isoVerse has a new website!

Welcome to the new home for the isoVerse website. This site provides a new way to interact with the community and has a ton of great features. Read below for more information:


A highlight of the website is a place for you to discuss topics with other members in a more structured area. On Discord, chat messages can quickly get lost. On the new forums, you can create a thread and reply to others' threads. Click "Forums" at the top to get started. For your first post, make a new thread in the Introductions forum so others can get to know you.

Create an account

To maximize your website experience, sign up for an account. You can do this with /register [email] while on the isoVerse server. This will allow you to post on the forums, make suggestions, apply for the team, and more.

New Wiki

The best place to learn about isoVerse is on our Wiki. We've redesigned and updated the Wiki to provide helpful information and documentation. Now our staff team and certain members of the media team can edit pages too.


Have an idea that will help make isoVerse better? Want to see what other players have suggested? Post in our new Suggestions area. Click More > Suggestions. You can comment on suggestions and upvote your favorite feature requests. We will look here first when we need ideas of fun things to add to the server!


You can now apply for a staff & team position at isoVerse. Click More > Applications for information and a link to each application. Our Moderator team, Development team, Builder team, and brand new Media team need applicants!

Player reports

If you see another player breaking the rules, you can create a /report in-game. Our staff will be instantly notified and you can follow-up with your report on the website.

Team, Members, & Profiles

Want to learn more about an isoVerse member? Just click on their profile. You can update your profile to show information about yourself, and comment on other people's profiles. You can view an up-to-date list of our staff & team members.

Have any questions? Need help with the website? Ask in our Discord, create a new thread in our Help forum, or create a /ticket on the server. New features on the website are still being put together, so check back often for updates!

joshwenke · 5 months ago · Last edited: 5 months ago


Builder Media
28 Dec 2022
Last Seen
31 May 2023

Very Fun Server


CaptinServers · 5 months ago