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Spaceship Contest - April 2024
Started by Blacktane



Mod Pro Elite
13 Dec 2022
Last Seen
17 Apr 2024

Build a Spaceship as big or as small as you want, build a hanger for fighter aircraft to defend your ship in hostile territory. Get Creative. Build in your favourite style and impress the isoVerse Community with your talent.

April Contest 2024 Spaceship


Dates to Remember:

Now: You can start building

April 1st: You can submit your entry using `/contest submit`

April 25th: Voting Opens

April 28th: Voting Closes

April 30th: Winner Announced



🥇 1st Place: 1  Free Creative Plot + 4 Drop Party Tickets

🥈 2nd Place: 7 Legendary Crates + 3 Drop Party Tickets

🥉 3rd Place: 4 Legendary Crates + 2 Drop Party Tickets

🏅 All Participants: 1x Standard Drop Ticket



You must participate in the contest to win the "All participants" prize.

Your entries must have a clear amount  effort to be qualified for receiving votes and prizes.

You can build with friends, but only the person submitting the entry will win a prize.

You can use redstone and other mechanics on your plot.

You can NOT build on merged plots.

Contest World is Closed


Where to build? Build in `/creative` on your plot! If you have things on your plot, you can make a sky platform and build on that, or build underground. Use WorldEdit to help with your project. Be sure to /donate if you'd like extra Plots to build on, or extra WorldEdit perks to help with building.


How to enter? Stand at the entry location of your contest build. You could build an entry platform, or have the teleport location be inside your entry. Run the command /contest submit to enter your submission in the contest.


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Blacktane · 3 months ago · Last edited: 3 months ago