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August Events
Started by Blacktane



Mod Pro Elite
13 Dec 2022
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17 Apr 2024

During the month of August we have FIVE fun events for you to enjoy! Each event is aimed to increase player activity. Be sure to attend all the events to meet more people in the isoVerse community, and have the chance to earn exclusive rewards. Prizes may include Drop Party tickets, Legendary crates, banners, morphs, Survival/Skyblock cash, and more.

Each event will be recorded and the isoVerse Media Team will be creating montage videos from the event. We aim for this to increase player activity in the events, and to bring more people to the welcoming community of isoVerse.


 Parkour Race 3 August 15:00 (UTC) 

1 of the easy parkour course will be selected at random and the first person to reach the finish line will get to chose the next map in the medium category. Whoever wins this map wins will receive 1 month of Pro  free + 2 Boosted Drop Party Tickets.

This Events Drop Party will consist of 2 Regular Drop Parties


Cake Wars  August 13:15 (UTC) 
Cake Wars is back and we need to see who is the best! Join in the huge battle and be in the winning team to receive some Legendary Crates. The winning team in the final game will receive 5 Legendary Crates per Team Member

This Events Drop Party will consist of 1 Boosted Drop Party

Mini Building Competition 19 August 19:00 (UTC) 

You will be given a theme, and have several minutes to build a creation that matches the theme. At the end of each round, everyone gets to vote for their favorite. Over the 5 Rounds each of the winners will receive 1 Regular Drop Party Ticket

This Events Drop Party will consist of 1 Regular Drop Party


Skin and Trails Competition 25 August 14:45 (UTC) 
When you are designing you skin for the Competition you will have to include 3 of these mandatory colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink. If three colours are not included, you will be disqualified. The Winner will receive $5000 Survival Cash and 1 of each Crate.

This Events Drop Party will consist of 2 Boosted Drop Parties


Hide and Seek 31 August 12:15 (UTC) 

Hide and Seek will consist of 5 rounds, where the seeker will be chosen at random. The seeker will be allow to start hunting after 1 minute. When a person is found they have a higher chance of being the seeker for the next round. The rounds will last for 15 Minutes. May the best hiders win. Everyone that survives being found will receive $500 Survival Cash with each round survived. For the seeker each person found is $100 Survival Cash


This Events Drop Party will consist of 1 Regular Drop Party & 1 Boosted Drop Party


Blacktane · 12 months ago · Last edited: 12 months ago