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Cake Wars Tournament
Started by Blacktane



Builder Media Pro Elite
13 Dec 2022
Last Seen
18 Nov 2023

🍰 isoVerse Cake Wars Tournament 🍰

Spread the joy and celebrate the event with the isoVerse community!

Join us 24 April 15:00 UTC


⚠️ Everyone who attends the party will receive an exclusive Banner. This is the only time you can unlock it /banner ⚠


The isoVerse Cake Wars Tournament is here! It will consist of a 5 week event.

Qualifier 24 April 15:00 UTC: This event will focus on getting 16 players to fill the 16 available spaces.

Round of 16 1 May 15:00 UTC : This event will focus on selecting 8 of the 16 players to move on to the quarterfinals.

Quarter Final 8 May 15:00 UTC : This event will focus on selecting 4 of the 8 players to move on to the semi-finals.

Semi Final 15 May 15:00 UTC : This event will focus on selecting 2 of the 4 players to move onto the final.

Final 22 May 15:00 UTC : This event will focus on finding the top 3 players in isoVerse Cake Wars.


🥇 1st place will receive 1 month of Pro.

🥈 2nd place will receive 2 weeks of Pro.

🥉 3rd place will receive 1 week of Pro.

🏅 All participant will receive 1 Legendary Crate.


📸 Become famous on YouTube

We will be recording the entire event and creating a compilation of the Community Night.

If you are not comfortable talking on recording/stream you can use the in-game chat.


🎊 Be featured on our Social Media

After the night has finished our Media team will create a compilation of images of the Party to post on our relevant social media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.


Join the Media Team

If you would like to be part of the Media Team and help run community events such as these, be sure to show your interest by filling out the submission page on our website!


Blacktane · 8 months ago · Last edited: 8 months ago